Shari and Curran's Amazing Proposal Video at Disney!

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How We Met

It was May 2008 and we were both 18. Curran and his best friend, Tim, drove from San Francisco to Davis, CA to visit their middle school best friends, Vince and Danny. I met Vince and Danny through mutual friends at UC Davis, so they gave me a heads up that their friends were coming to visit that weekend. That night, a friend was having one of those classic freshman-year-college-dorm-room parties, so we all decided to go… and that’s where I met Curran. Nothing actually happened that night, we were both distracted with other things going on. It wasn’t until the next day when I really “noticed” Curran. I whispered to my friends that he had some “really cute angles”, but nothing happened from that. The weekend ended and Curran and Tim drove back to San Francisco.

A couple weeks passed and we connected on good ol’ MySpace. We started commenting on each other’s “walls”, which ALL of our friends ended up reading on a daily basis. Commenting turned into AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), AIM turned into phone calls, and phone calls turned into weekends going back and forth between Sacramento and San Francisco. We didn’t go one weekend that Summer of 2008 without seeing each other. After four months of “talking” and with the help of our close friends, Curran put on an entire Aladdin production to ask me to officially be his girlfriend. You can see some of that footage in our Disney Proposal Video!

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how they asked

October 17th, 2016 was going to be our 8 year anniversary. Months before, we decided to go to our favorite place (Disneyland!) to celebrate on October 8th weekend. A couple weeks before, Curran’s best friend, Tim, told us that he needed to do a Disneyland video in October and wanted me to be in it. Now, if you’re friends with Tim, this isn’t an odd request. Growing up, Tim has been producing and editing videos as his passion and now gets to do it full time as part owner of Kinda Funny. Tim has been talking about doing a Disneyland video for almost 8 years now, and when it’d happen, I’d be in it.

On the day of, Curran said he wanted to “go to the gym” (which is totally a thing he would do) while I was filming in the park, so I left the hotel room to meet up with Tim. When we met at Starbucks on Main Street, he was with two camera guys and a sound guy. This still wasn’t weird to me. They put a microphone on me and immediately started filming me. We walked to the front of Tomorrowland and they asked me to do some “music video moves”, which he included in our Disney Proposal Video. Thanks, Tim.

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Then, he said he needed to do a couple shots in front of the castle. We quickly headed over there and Tim handed me his phone and earphones. He said that I needed to watch this video and follow the directions in it for his video. He said that it’d just all make sense after I watch it. I press play, see a few Aladdin scenes, and then BOOM – Curran pops up on the screen. The first two seconds I was shocked and the third second I knew what was about to happen – that is when the tears started. As you can see in the video, Aladdin was my absolutely favorite movie growing up, but Up was our favorite movie. He started talking about how we needed some “balloons” to help get us to Paradise Falls. The first group to show was his friends, then mine, then our family together. Then, the last direction was for me to turn around and there he was – Curran in a perfectly tailored suit.

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I cried, he gave a speech and then went down one knee. He pulled out a mini Adventure Book and after he opened it, I saw the most perfect ring and he asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect.

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It didn’t end there. That night, we had dinner with all of our “balloons” at our favorite Disney restaurant, Blue Bayou. The next morning, Curran had already scheduled an appointment with Disney Weddings to start planning our fairy tale wedding. Also, for dinner the next night before heading back to San Francisco, he somehow found a way to make dinner reservations at Disney’s most exclusive restaurant, Club 33. It truly was a dream come true.

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