She Planned Her Own Amazing Proposal and Didn't Even Know It

how we met – his side

I never go to the mall, but I did go one day to buy a hat because at the time I had long curly hair that needed to be covered up. I walked in one of the stores and the girl working there greeted me with “hi, how are you?” I said “great thanks” without really acknowledging who was greeting me.

After a minute of checking out the hats she came back and said “so you are looking to get a hat today huh?” I turned to say yes and was like (in my head) “whoa, this girl is gorgeous.” So right then and there I said “yeah I need a hat to cover up my hair, which one is your favorite?”

From there I could tell there was a spark and so I asked a few more questions than necessary I think. Once I found the hats I wanted, it was time to check out. She was at the cash register, and while she was checking me out, I couldn’t get the guts to ask her for her number because there were 3 other people behind me waiting to check out. So I bought the hats, said goodbye, and walked out. But I knew the second I walked away I was going back. I walked all the way out to my car put on the new hat I just bought and walked back into the mall. When I got to the store I noticed her working behind the counter. I surprised her and asked “do you like the hat?”

She loved it and right there I asked her for her number. But as she got the piece of paper I was like “wait, wait, wait, what’s your name?” She smiled and said Hayley, we shook hands then she gave me her number.

how they asked – her side

Tyson proposed by making me think I was planning him a surprise birthday party. He had his mom give me the idea (to plan a surprise for him) and I loved it right away. So I found a place we could have the party and then invited all of our friends to attend. I took him out to dinner first then when we finished I blindfolded him and told him I had a surprise for him. We drove to the venue and when we got there, I removed the blindfold – he was so surprised!

Then, shortly after, Tyson’s mom said “we should play pin the tail on the donkey!” She came right up to me and said I was going first. While I was blindfolded, it seemed a little weird because everyone was kind of quiet and I kept seeing lights turn on and off. Then I started to get frustrated because I felt like I was blindfolded for 10 minutes! Finally I was told to stop, and that’s when I heard a guitar. I took my blindfold off and there he was, playing a song for me. The song was Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore. It was amazing even though I could tell he was nervous.

As he finished the song he put the guitar aside and pulled out the ring, then asked me to marry him. I said yes of course.


proposal kiss

happy couple after proposal

the ring after the proposal

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