Kara and Kevin's Amazing Iceberg Proposal in Iceland

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How We Met

Kevin and I first met through a mutual friend in college. The night we met was spent talking about life, family, friendships, and all our ambitions after college!

Shortly after, we had our first date and then we both were off to see our families for Thanksgiving (2004). Be both reminisce about that night and how on our own perspective drives home, we were so excited about what the possibility of this relationship held! From then on, we were pretty inseparable!

After graduation, we carried our relationship through life in three different cities. I moved to Seattle shortly after graduation for photography endeavors. Kevin attended law school and made his way to Denver, then to Sacramento. Many flights and late night phone conversations came to an end in 2015, when we both moved to San Francisco. It was the first time since meeting in Texas that we lived in the same city! That year and half spent there was one of the best seasons in life thus far!

We explored and photographed our adventures around much of the U.S., but our first big trip out of the country together was set for March 2015 in Iceland! We had both travelled to other countries, but this was the first together!

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how they asked

Kara: March rolled around and it was time for Kevin and I to head to Iceland! I had secretly hoped he would propose on this trip, but he had acted super bummed out prior to the trip and said that getting the ring wasn’t possible in time. His act had pretty much fooled me, but I still watched what baggage he was carrying with him throughout the trip just in case ;).

On about day 4 of the trip (my birthday), I realized he wasn’t carrying a backpack at all times or anything a ring could be in. I had conceded at that point anything would happen. Kevin is pretty good at secrets and keeping a straight face :).

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Kevin: After a nervous month of hoping the ring would be ready in time, Kara and I boarded the plane to Iceland. I hid the ring in my coat pocket with Kara by my side. I was actualy pretty frantic about getting the ring through security without them blowing my cover!

Kara, who is normally behind the lens, really wanted to try to start documenting our life and travels. We realized that in several years, we didn’t have a lot of images together of our life together. So we decided to see if Karen ( a close photography friend) was free on her travels to join us and help document the first trip outside the country together. I was planning to propose on the trip and decided this was the perfect opportunity to capture the moment and maintain the surprise. I let Karen in on the plan and pinpointed Jokulsarlon as the spot, a picturesque glacier lagoon complete with floating icebergs and home to arctic seals.

Kara: On March 6th, Karen landed in Iceland and we all headed to the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing day. This geothermal spa with beautiful turquoise hues is stunning and it even snowed on us that day!

We hung out and shot some images in the Lagoon, before I was to photograph a couple myself. I even remember asking Kevin to borrow his coat since his was heavier and for the first time ever, he said no! I remember thinking how rude it was that he wouldn’t let me use it for only a short period of time, only to find out later exactly why he didn’t want me wearing it ;).

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The next day, we watched the sun come up as we drove to Jokulsarlon. I remember the rays of light coming through the clouds that morning to be one of the most beautiful sunrises I’d seen! We arrived and started walking down by the water, the floating ice/icebergs was unlike any beauty I had ever seen!

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As we made our way along the water’s edge, Kevin and Karen decided we should use this rad iceberg that washed up on shore to start snapping some images. It was atop that iceberg that Kevin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I remember mouthing the words “yes” with happy tears and shock on my face!

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After getting engaged, we celebrated in Reykjavik and captured some images in the city itself! We are so excited to be saying our vows in the Isle of Skye, Scotland on June 16, 2016

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Special Thanks

Karen Obrist
 | Photography