Amazing Easter Proposal Video

How W Met: It was 9 years ago! Around January 2004, we were classmates at Cal State L.A. taking prerequisite classes, trying to get into nursing school. Through the troubled times in our lives, Daniel and I found consolation in each other, not even knowing that he would turn out to be the man I always hoped for. Little did I expect that we would fall in love with each other over and over again, more and more every single day after that. From then on, we realized we were meant to be. Life happened since we were placed in each other’s paths, and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.

me and dayniel- janie's wedding

how they asked:For the past 9 years, Daniel has always been the sweetest, most romantic man I have ever met. He always goes above and beyond to just put a smile on my face, not just on “special occasions” like Valentine’s Day or our anniversary, but on any given day. So, because of this, I didn’t need an extravagant proposal because everything he’s done was more than enough.

Everyone kept waiting for us to get engaged but we just reassured them all that we had a plan that we were sticking to. Our priority was finishing nursing school, get a job, and save money for our future.

It was Easter Sunday at my parents’ house and my whole family was there. Little did I know, with my brothers’ help, he had already prepared a video of him asking for the blessing and permission from my parents, grandparents, his parents, his grandpa, and even our deceased grandmas.

Although I really wanted it to happen on Easter (because my whole family would be there), I had no idea that it was really going to come true.

We all gathered to watch a “supposed montage” of my cousin’s recent wedding. As soon as I saw him on the video, I cried because my wish had come true and I knew that he was going to propose. While the video was playing, he was secretly changing into his suit. When the video ended, my cousins drew up the shades, and there he was!

He was standing so handsomely in the middle of my dad’s garden. As I walked up to him, I couldn’t hold back the tears knowing that we were one step closer. With tears in his eyes, he spoke his heart, and knelt down on one knee. I’ll never forget that moment and I relive it every time I watch the video.

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