Amara and Michael

Amara's Proposal in New York City

Well, we met in my junior year of college. We both had significant others at the time but became friends with the same group of people, so during class we would always talk amongst friends. I knew then that his personality was amazing! He graduated a year before me so we obviously didn’t keep communication. Come my graduation day, here comes Michael, wishing me congratulations on graduating. We talked, caught up but it was completely different now. Weeks later I finally let Michael take me on a date. Our first real official date was in the city, at Pig-N-Whistle. I couldn’t stop laughing, smiling and joking with this man. He never fails to make me laugh, every single day. The rest became history!

Well fast forward two and a half years later, here comes the day. Michael says to me the week before, “we haven’t done a city date in awhile, come meet me in the city next Friday.” Me, thinking nothing of it, was completely down for it! I love the city and our date nights! Come Friday August 4th, I was exhausted, the work week and all, I tell Michael I don’t think I’m going to make it. I was so tired and we all know how Michael felt that day, PANICKED! He completely thought I was not coming. I pushed myself to go because I knew he was very excited for me to meet him in the city (he works in the city). Finally, I get into the city. He takes me to dinner at Pig-N-Whistle (not out of the ordinary because Michael always does cute, random things for me). During dinner he says let’s go to a roof top bar tonight, and that he had already made reservations. Still, thinking nothing of it, I agree. Did I think it was weird for reservations for drinks, yes, but it’s NYC! We get to the hotel with the roof top bar, and go up to this private roof top. Michael says at the desk “I have a reservation for the south terrace,” I’m like what is all these special names for this place! All of sudden we walk onto the balcony roof top, covered in rose petals and candles overseeing the city he DROPS TO A KNEE ! I am still stunned. I am absolutely in love with this man. He is perfect and this was the perfect proposal.

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Ashley Fox