Amar and Mayuri's Hot Air Balloon Proposal

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how we met

As eager and young college students, we met at Louisiana State University. We had our first summer session class together in Chemistry. It was in Chemistry lab when we realized that we were becoming close friends. As time passed Amar finally mustered up the courage to ask me to study together. Of course I said no the first few times. Then after time passed I gave in to his charming smile and said yes to studying together. As the semester was winding down, Amar realized that we would not have any more science classes together so he tried to ask me out to dinner, of course I said no again. Come on how can he resist these dimples. Soon after I was eventually convinced, we went on our first date. When we went out for dinner Amar seemed so calm and put together. As for me, I was bouncing off the walls.

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I never realized how nervous I would be until the day came. At dinner we were able to hold conversation and we were not awkward. We discussed everything in our life; our past, our future, and what we wanted. Over time we grew to enjoy the company of one another more and more. It was one day at the pool of Amar’s apartment complex we sat there discussing our short and long term goals. That was the moment we both saw the potential to be a part of each others future. To my surprise, not looking for a relationship, I somehow managed to fall in love with this guy. Now here we are, married and loving life; from us meeting in chemistry class to being a future nurse and doctor.

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how they asked

I began the day by telling her we are going on an early Valentine’s day because we live in different states at the moment. I kept the hot air balloon a secret until we met up with the hot air balloon team to scout the weather conditions for take off. I had a team in one vehicle with an 8ft by 30ft banner and another vehicle with the photographer and videographer.

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After we got in the air, the two vehicles followed us closely until our balloon was descending. Then the team with the banner parked and rolled out the banner while the photographers and videographers got ready with their cameras while also releasing a drone into the air. Upon seeing the banner while in the sky, I proposed.

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And she said yes and shed many tears of joy. Finally we descended and proceeded to take some more pictures. Then the team with the banner, went to a different location where I had coordinated all close friends and family to be. The banner was held up and everyone hid behind the banner and waited for our arrival.

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We arrived and then they released the banner and all our friends and family were revealed. Afterwards, we took many more pictures and I had also coordinated food and drinks for everyone there. This momentous occasion could not have been possible without the help of my friends and family.

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