Amar and Anuj

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How We Met

Our story is quite goofy actually, which totally matches our personality. While I would like to say we have two ways in which we met, Anuj would like to say the “official story.” (which isn’t as fun in my eyes). The unofficial story is that we met, back in 2010, in the back of his brother’s blue honda accord coupe named “boob.” both of us were hungover from a night out and somehow I hitched a ride to take me an hour out of their way to drop me back to uni. Not thinking anything of it, we went on our sunny day ahead (which led to years). Fast forward 10 years later, we were both bored at home due to the covid pandemic and, like anyone during that time, seeking some human connection.

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On Tinder, both of us were exploring Philadelphia, because apparently, Chicago and Baltimore’s men weren’t as keen on a long-term relationship, and we ended up “super-liking” each other. Though he is a Gryffindor and I a Slytherin, (which was the first subject of discussion), conversations went from late-night text conversations to facetime.

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Our closest family and friends made fun of us as we would always smile and giggle when looking at our phones, not realizing that a relationship was blossoming. After months of talking, a surprise visit for my 30th birthday in Chicago. Of course, Bennett, my (now our) Pembroke welsh corgi, fell in love with Anuj and I started to feel like the third wheel between my dog and my potential partner’s relationship. (let’s be honest, always trust a dog). From then on, the rest is truly (his)story… And it will be our story, together.

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How They Asked

I have always wanted the experience of being proposed to. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant, and something intimate and special to us. Well, I got my dream
proposal and beyond. Given the fact both of our names start with “A,” we like to call ourselves “the adventurous A-team,” or “the A-team” for short. We knew we were going to Australia to celebrate Sydney world pride in February/March 2023. While I knew there was a proposal coming, as we both hate surprises, I just had no idea of any details. Throughout the trip Anuj was attached to his phone, having to make “bathroom breaks” (more than me, which is saying something), and often seeming uneasy.

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Later, we found out our skydiving date had to be moved due to weather, which in hindsight makes sense for the clandestine meetings. Not knowing anything, I happily boarded the plane from where we would be jumping off. As it was my second time, I was trying to ensure Anuj’s comfort and alleviate any additional nervousness from the jump. As we get into the air, one-by-one people make their way out of the plane. I see Anuj jump out before me and see this giant grin on his face as he waved goodbye. This comforted me as I knew he’d have a great time, not knowing that it was me who was going to have the best time. As we circled the ground, I saw a black sheet with our dog Bennett’s photo.

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Though I am astute and intelligent, I can be just as clumsy and oblivious. “What is he doing with a photo of Bennett on the ground? Maybe a silly surprise for when I land?” Upon landing, and many four-letter swear words later, I slowly waddled my way (the harness wasn’t overly comfortable) to Anuj. Reading what it said, I kept taking steps back as I was in disbelief. We joke that I do not have tear ducts, but this one broke me. Upon gathering myself, after seeing Anuj on one knee, I still was in shock as to what was happening. Ultimately, the poster did the talking for him, and I did say “YES.” I think I also said yes to jumping out of a plane again too, but the details got fuzzy. He placed the ring on my finger, gave me a sweet kiss, and a tight hug, and I knew even after anything crazy, I will always be safe and secure with him and this relationship.

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