Amandina and Luke

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How We Met

We both were Musical Theatre majors at the University of Miami. We played romantic opposites and the onstage romance quickly moved onstage. We continued to perform together both in school in 3 other shows, and professionally at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre in 4 shows, playing romantic opposites in two of them. Here are shots from the production of ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Xanadu’ we were a part of.

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Funny how art imitates life. Or is it life that imitates art.

how they asked

My fiance and I had just finished performing opposite each other in the musical Xanadu (both of us are musical theatre performers). We flew to Canada to visit my family and take a vacation in the Rockie Mountains. I took her to Lake Louise, the lake we had gone skating on 2 years earlier where I had asked her to be my girlfriend. As we were about to leave, I asked a tourist to take a picture of us in front of the crystal turquoise lake. She gave the tourist her phone and when she turned around I was down on one knee.

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Not only did she say yes, I got a free photographer for the moment! Nailed it. When we arrived back at my house, my parents and I had arranged a party in our backyard with all of our friends, and her Dad had flown in from New Jersey to surprise her. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.