Amanda and Scott

Amanda and Scott's Engagement in His cousin's photography studio

How We Met

Scott and I met in a way that perhaps most people may frown upon; Tinder. The funniest thing is that neither of us were on there for any particular reason. Scott had told his friends, that his “tinder game is strong”, and I was just on there for the laughs. Tinder worked for us because we never would have met had it not been for that silly app. Scott lived in Waterford at the time, and I lived about an hour south of him. I think we matched when I was at the mall one day, and he must have been close enough to show up as someone for me to match with. I didn’t say hi at first, but I took the initiative and messaged him first. The conversation ended with Scott asking for my number; “So, I don’t normally like to be too strong but I realize a good connection when I see one.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in His cousin's photography studio

Amanda's Proposal in His cousin's photography studio

If I may have your number, I’d like that.” We started talking nonstop, and a week later we agreed to meet up. He came down to see me and brought his dog. Our dogs played nonstop and we hit it off even more than we already had! The next day we had our first date when we saw The Poltergeist with his cousin and her boyfriend. Everything happened so quickly with us because 4 days later we were officially a couple. Only 6 months into our relationship, we moved in together. I wouldn’t change our love story for anything!

how they asked

Scott’s cousin is a small business photographer and after doing Christmas photos at her new studio, we decided to also do Valentine’s photos with her when she announced she’d be doing them. When we arrived at the studio I was in awe with how much she had done! She and her boyfriend built a kissing booth and it was adorable.

Our shoot began with the photo booth, I was in front first while Scott was behind, and then we switched. While I was behind the booth, Christina’s boyfriend said, “we forgot to hang the other sign!” And he walked out and hung the sign on the corner of the booth. I was completely unaware of what it said at that time. Christina told me (after a few more photos) that I could come out from behind. I saw the sign and I was still completely oblivious until Scott was down in front of me on one knee!

He was so nervous and forgot his speech, and I was completely surprised! All I could muster was a lot of “Oh my God!” and of course a “yes!” I’m so glad he planned it so that we will always have photos and a video to remember this special moment in our lives.

Special Thanks

Christina Schmidbauer
Photographed the moment & helped Scott plan
Michael Santiago | 
Recorded the moment