Amanda and Joshua

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How We Met

Our story began before we even knew it. We came to find out, after we started dating, that we had a weight training class during our senior year of high school together. Neither one of us remember the other person being in this mutual class. This little detail is one of my favorite parts of our story because God was so present. God was still preparing each of us to become the perfect person for the other and was not ready for us to meet yet. We wouldn’t reconnect until 5 years later.

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Josh and I had graduated from high school together but were a part of very different friend circles. We joke all the time about how he was “cool” and I was the “nerd” in high school. We both returned to our hometown after he had gone into the army and I had gone to Georgia Southern on a track scholarship.

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Settling in back at home, trying to figure out our next life chapters, our story continued with a “like” on Facebook. That “like” turned into a message that turned into a text that turned into phone calls. I believe it took less than a week before we both realized we had found the one.

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how they asked

Fast forward a perfect year full of adventures and so much love, we had reservations at a nice restaurant in Atlanta, or so I thought. It was supposed to be the day we celebrated our one year anniversary, but little did I know the man of my prayers had a much bigger and breathtaking plan for us.Josh picked me up from work around 4 and I was completely shocked when we pulled into a small airport instead of the expected Sundial restaurant. Josh just smirked at me and refused to answer my thousands of questions that I started spitting out. Our pilot approached us and introduced himself and told us that we were taking a helicopter tour of Atlanta.

Completely overwhelmed with emotions, our hands were sweaty and we were all smiles as we toured Atlanta. I still assumed we were headed to dinner after the tour so I was in shock when we started to land on top of the W! Josh jumped out of the helicopter and came around to my door.

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As I stepped out, my future husband was on one knee saying the words I have dreamed of him saying “Will you marry me?” I screamed “Yes” from the rooftop.

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We took some beautiful pictures and danced together on top of this amazing hotel with the most breathtaking view of the city. Josh then turned to me and told me that we had somewhere to be, he still had a few surprises up his sleeve.

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Just when I thought this unbelievable engagement couldn’t get any better, we walked into the hotel’s restaurant and he had all of our family there waiting to celebrate with us! We had a delicious dinner and then Josh told me we had a room at the W for the night! After checking out this awesome hotel Josh said “Let’s have a night out on the town?!” I was exhausted so I hesitantly agreed because he had a ride waiting to take us to a bar in Atlanta called Moon Dogs.

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I was blown away when we walked in to find our closest friends and family there waiting to celebrate with us some more and shower us with love! I am still trying to figure out what I did to deserve this wonderful man who continues to make all of my dreams come true.​

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