Amanda and Joshua

Our story is not your typical engagement story, I knew that it was going to happen! And NO not by sneaking around, Joshua told me. The only things I didn’t know were: where, when, how and what the ring looked like. I knew he had bought one because he texted me throughout the whole process of buying. We are not very good at keeping secrets lol Our engagement weekend was definitely one of the best weekends of my life! He had planned a trip to Breckenridge, CO and to meet up with our friends. When we arrived, I obv knew it was our engagement so I was just waiting and wondering is it going to be today, tomorrow or the next day. We flew into Denver and drove to Breck and our friends were going to meet us over there. Joshua and I had made a few scenic/hiking stops to take in all the beauty of Colorado. He told me he wanted to stop in Loveland Pass to hike up the mountain and that’s where we were going to meet our friends. We showed up first and walked around and took some pictures and then decided to head back to the car and rest while we waited. Once our friends arrived Josh wanted to hike up this HUGE hill.

Image 1 of Amanda and Joshua

As we begin walking up, he would want to stop and take pictures and then walk up some more and take pictures. During that time I was catching my breath and I had noticed too that he kept the walking with his hand in his pocket.

Image 2 of Amanda and Joshua

Thinking to myself he NEVER does that so now I know it’s going to happen. We finally reached this one area where there was snow on the ground and mountains behind us and we took one picture. Then he whips off his jacket and says “it’s going to happen”.

Image 3 of Amanda and Joshua

Over filled with joy I “blacked out” with excitement, I was still conscious but I do not remember a thing he said to me. I just remember the ring and his face tearing up and just smiling from ear to ear.

Image 4 of Amanda and Joshua

Image 5 of Amanda and Joshua

I said yes obviously!!! Then we headed back down to our car called or whole family in out of service of the mountains and spent a beautiful yet memorable weekend in Breckenridge!

Image 6 of Amanda and Joshua

Image 7 of Amanda and Joshua