Amanda and Joseph

Image 1 of Amanda and Joseph

How We Met

Joseph and I met through mutual friends during our last year of high school. We started dating during the summer of 2008, and found out we would be studying program at York University and both had a passion to one day become teachers. We dated for 8 and a half years. As each year passed, the question of marriage was no longer a question, as we knew we had found our perfect person. Coming from Italian families, we quickly grew close to each other’s family members. Weekends consist of birthdays, family dinners, date nights – there is never a dull moment, and I would not change it for the world. Our relationship grew stronger as the years passed, each year filled with more memories. We accomplished our dream to become teachers, and we are now taking the next step to fulfill our dream of becoming husband and wife.

how they asked

Joe knows how much I love Casa Loma. Being a history major, I am always drawn to historic sites, as they each have their own story to tell, and there is always a magical feeling being on a premises. According to the history of the castle, Sir Henry Pellatt wanted to create a “House on the Hill”. The architecture of the structure has a romantic feel to it. Many events occur at Casa Loma, whether is be a Valentine’s Dinner, brunch, Escape Rooms, or a Beauty and the Beast exhibit. Over the Christmas holiday Casa Loma turned in to a Winter Wonderland. This Christmas was hectic and we did not have a chance to visit the light exhibit – so I thought. The Saturday before Christmas Day, Joe told me that we were going to a Christmas Party downtown. We ended up at Casa Loma, instead of at the Christmas dinner. Confused, we entered the castle, as he reminded me that I wanted to see the Christmas lights. The photographer was patiently waiting outside in the rain, as we just made it before closing hours!

Image 2 of Amanda and Joseph

We walked to the back terrace, and in front of a beautifully lit up horse-drawn carriage, Joe got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife. Upon opening the ring box, the ring fell right in to the snow. We both laughed, as the proposal would not have been ours, if something like that did not occur. Thankfully, he found it right away. He later took me to Yorkville, where we celebrated over champagne at dbar, and called our families to share the news! We had reservations at a restaurant called Il Posto. Upon entering, a large box of long stemmed red roses lay on the table. After our dinner, Joe asked me to meet the manager of the restaurant, as we walked through the restaurant, a sliding door opened, and there was my entire family as well as his! They were secretly there the entire time, and were waiting for the perfect moment to share in the amazing news. The proposal was truly the best day of my life, as the love from family and friends was displayed all around us.