Amanda and Jacob

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How We Met

Jacob and Amanda both met at the University of Cincinnati. In 2013, they met in their dorm, Dabney Hall. They both lived on the eighth floor, which is where they met a lot of their mutual college friends. They met on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and Amanda was planning on going home after the football game, where she played piccolo in the UC Bearcat Bands. After meeting Jack Lempke, one of their great friends and one of Jacob’s groomsmen, Jack asked Amanda to join them for dinner at Center Court before she went home for the weekend. Jacob admits he strategically made sure to sit next to Amanda. She remembers thinking the picture of his family’s dog, Pumpkin, was the cutest.

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Amanda did leave for the remainder of the weekend, but Jacob texted her later that night to make sure she made it back to her hometown safely. They had their first date the evening Amanda returned to UC, where they watched 500 Days of Summer in Jacob’s dorm room. For a while, Amanda and Jacob had to find places around campus to hang out and talk (as to not disrupt their roommates), so they commonly hung out together in or outside the classics building, where they both took a (different) Greek History course. (They were both awful, but Jacob’s was worse.) Fast forward three years later, and Amanda and Jacob have their own apartment together, which they share with their new puppy, Luna.

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how they asked

Amanda knew Jacob was planning on proposing, as it was something the two had discussed in length. Amanda knew Jacob purchased a ring, but did not know when exactly he would pop the question. On November 21st, 2015, the day before Jacob’s birthday, the couple and their friends had planned a “Friendsgiving” Thanksgiving dinner, and since Amanda’s favorite food is mashed potatoes, they volunteered to make and bring them that night.

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Amanda was ready to go to Kroger to get the ingredients, and was waiting for Jacob to his coat in their bedroom. He was taking much longer than usual. She called out to him and when there was no response, she entered the bedroom to find Jacob on one knee, where he said he had been trying to figure out the best place to propose, but decided that our first apartment together was as special as it gets. As he put the ring on her finger and we were hugging, Amanda said, “I guess I should say yes, but you didn’t actually ask yet!”​

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Amanda and Jacob still went to Kroger right afterward, but they were able to share the news with their family members and long-distance friends on the way, who wouldn’t be at Friendsgiving for the in-person announcement.

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