Amanda and Daniel

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How We Met

We met in October 2012 through mutual friends at a small concert in New York City. Dan and I hit it off immediately and bonded over our mutual taste in music. We danced together and talked for the entire night. Dan and I exchanged numbers on our way back to Long Island and later we found out we are from the same town but went to different high schools. I think we spent every day together for the next 3 months! We’ve been together for 5 years now and engaged for 1 week!

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how they asked

There is a bit of a backstory to how special Dan made this moment! Three months after Dan and I met, we began dating officially (December 28, 2012) and we decided to spend New Year’s Eve at another concert in New York City—Pretty Lights. Fast forward to Summer 2014, Dan and I were on our way back from a 6-week cross-country road trip. We were at a fork in the road between going North to Minneapolis or South to St. Louis. We decided to go South to visit Dan’s family and a friend of ours that moved to the area. For our 5-year anniversary, Dan and I wanted to see Pretty Lights again (wherever that might be!). It turned out that Pretty Lights was playing at a 2-night NYE Festival in Minneapolis…it was the perfect way to celebrate NYE and our anniversary. Dan planned the entire trip himself and would not give up a single detail.

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On the morning of our 5 year anniversary (December 28, 2017), Dan and I had plans to eat brunch and then walk the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. I remember sitting at brunch and wondering why Dan was taking an unusually long time to finish his coffee (later I found out he was stalling so the photographer – Julie Greer – could finish setting up!) So we finally get to the bridge and I look down and I see rose petals everywhere.

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I think to myself “This is really cute! I wonder if someone is getting proposed to!” Next thing I see is Dan getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him! I begin to tear up and then Dan points to a couple (Julie and her husband incognito) and said, “They’re taking pictures of us.” I could not have imagined a better way to get engaged to my best friend and the love of my life. We spent the rest of our week in Minneapolis celebrating by eating and dancing at the NYE Festival. Minneapolis and Pretty Lights will always be so special to us!

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