Amanda and Brent

How We Met

We went to high school together but having 3 years difference in age, we never crossed paths. It was not until a couple years later we met by the bonfire at our friend’s house after attending the local maple syrup festival in town. We were both recently out of relationships and really did not consider our meeting to turn into anything serious, but now here we are 6 years later and forever to go!

How They Asked

Oh ya, he surprised me! It was Oct 7th, 2017 our 1 year anniversary in our first home and we had plans for dinner to celebrate at the local steakhouse. When I get an emergency call from my sister, Emily, balling her eyes out on the other line. She asked that I come over to help calm her down from a possible anxiety attack. We were literally SECONDS out the door to dinner, but instead Brent drove me to Emily’s place to hang out. We would postpone dinner while he promised to take me afterwards. After an hour-long walk and cry session on the couch, she drove me home. I go to walk inside the house to get Brent, because I am starving now and want dinner, there is a note, and a rose petal on the door saying “Meet me on the back porch”. I open the door and there is a candle-lit rose petal pathway across our kitchen to our back porch. I walk down the path and there is Brent all dressed up in a suit, shaking like a leaf with a rose and a ring when he asked me to marry him. Then a flash comes from behind and I see no one other than my SISTER who was in on it the whole time! After saying yes, out walks both of our families from behind our garden shed. It truly meant the world that he included our families to be a part of this special day!

Special Thanks

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