Amanda and Anthony

Where to Propose in Venice, Italy

How We Met

Anthony and I met in 2014 going offroading with friends. He got tired of having to pull my truck out of the mud and almost killed us because he pulled us all the way through the woods and almost into a tree. Not exactly the best start. Flash forward two weeks and I was stranded at this boy’s house and he was coming on very strong and I needed out of there and quick. I called my friend and he just happened to the one driving to get me. I immediately said to her, “wait, has Anthony always been this cute?” Then that evening, he started my addiction to the Game of Thrones and we stayed up almost all night long.

How They Asked

We had planned to go to Italy for my birthday and I was really praying he was gonna ask because I was getting impatient. At this point, we had been dating for 4 years and I thought it was time. Anthony had been saving money and working extra hours and I planned it in my head that he was going to propose on this trip and I thought it was gonna happen on my birthday. So birthday comes, I get super dressed up and we go on this romantic nighttime walk through the park in Venice. Nothing happens. I was so depressed the next day and Anthony asked me why I was upset. I was honest and explained the whole plan I cooked up in my head and he simply said, sorry not gonna happen this time.

Amanda N's Proposal in Venice, Italy

Later on that evening, we go near the water at sunset to take pictures and while doing so, he says to me that the camera stopped working so asked me to check it out and see what’s wrong. I’m fiddling with the camera and he is down on his knee for probably a minute at this point when at the same time, I figured out the problem. He had the video camera function off. I turn it off, he finally tells me to turn around and he has the ring in his hand preparing to be super romantic and ask me but I start crying laughing and saying yes repeatedly while he is laughing at me and putting the ring on my finger. Afterward, he goes over to the camera and says that he got it all on video but then I remembered that I turned it off. Most romantic and hysterical proposal ever in my book.