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How We Met

Zach and I met while we were both working at HEB in Seguin, TX in 2011. I was working the registers and he was in the meat market in the back. I remember the first time I spoke to him was in the break room and he was on the phone. He happened to say the wrong name of the performer for a concert that weekend so I corrected him. What’s new? Haha. Later that night he friended me on Facebook and that is when our friendship began. We talked for a while and tried to figure out our feelings for eachotherr but ultimately went our separate ways. About 6 months later my friend Taylor mentioned that she spoke to Zach at work and said he was attending Sandfest in Port Aransas as were we. The weekend of April 20-22, 2012 was, as I like to call it, the weekend my life changed. I was in contact with Zach for the few weeks leading up to Sandfest and he mentioned that he wanted me to come hang out with him and his family on the beach! So the morning of April 21st he drove his golf cart down to our beach house and my friends, Taylor and Cambry, and I jumped on and he drove us back. I remember laughing the whole way because the road was SUPER long and it took forever to get to the beach. He even made us get out and push the cart when we got stuck once! When we finally got to where his parents were on the beach our stomachs hurt from laughing too hard. After meeting his parents and sister and throwing their dog Ginger the ball a little we decided it was time for a ladder golf competion. Long story short, Zach’s dad and I kicked Taylor and Zach’s butt! After that coast trip I decided that I wanted Zach as my boyfriend. It then took him a whole month to officially ask me because he just assumed we were dating…haha! Shortly after we started dating I left for Texas A&M university and we spent the next 3 1/2 years long distance. I saw him every other weekend if I was lucky. It was hard but in August 2015 I graduated and moved home. I found a full time job and we moved into a house in New Braunfels. I am so lucky to have had Zach’s love for almost 4 years now!

how they asked

I said yes to dating my future husband on May 21, 2012 and about 2 months in to our relationship I knew that I wanted to be Zach’s wife. He was caring, sweet, goofy, and supportive of me leaving to go to school 2 1/2 hours away. After 3 1/2 long years apart I graduated and moved back home in August 2015. Fast forward to January 1, 2016, about 3 1/2 years in to our relationship. We had just recently brought in the New Year with our friends (all of whom happened to be engaged) and we all joked (including Zach) about how Zach was going to wait for another year or two to propose. I had no idea that everyone at the party knew his plan to propose the next day. On January 2nd we had made plans to go to dinner with a few friends to celebrate an Aggie ring day and a birthday. It was raining so it was not unusual when my friend Lauren told us to meet her and her fiancé in this gorgeous hallway right by the restaurant to wait for our other friend Amanda and her fiancé. I was still clueless when Lauren asked to take a picture with me so that she could get me to take my jacket off to prepare for the big moment. When I saw Amanda and Devin walk in I went to put my jacket on but when I saw my parents walk in I froze. I immediately started tearing up. Zach then pulled me over to him and got down on one knee. He spoke some of the sweetest words that I honestly cannot remember now. I do remember saying yes about 3 times and then the man I have wanted to marry for over 3 years put the most beautiful ring on my finger. But that wasn’t the only surprise for the day. We went to dinner as planned then headed to go dancing. I needed to stop by the house and get my Aggie ring (I can’t stand not having it on my finger) then we were on our way to Conway’s, a local dance hall. When we arrived I noticed a bunch of people standing where the tables we reserved were. As we got closer I noticed that it was all of our friends and family! Zach had planned a little celebration party for us! I was over the moon the whole night and couldn’t stop staring at my ring and kissing my future husband. I am so thankful for my amazing man who planned the most magical engagement I could every think of! I said yes to MARRYING my future husband on January 2, 2016 and together we couldn’t be more excited for what is to come!

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