Amanda and Wyatt

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How We Met

Wyatt and I met back in 2006 when we both l lived in the same dorm at Indiana University. My friends and I were really good friends with a bunch of the guys that lived on his floor and our two floors hung out a lot. We were friends but not close our freshman year. Sophomore year when I moved to an apartment off campus, Wyatt began instant messaging me when we realized that he lived in the building behind mine! We became great friends from that point forward! He became one of my closest guy friends throughout the rest of college!

After I graduated and move back home in 2010, we kept in touch. In late 2011 I casually threw out the idea that he should go to the Forecastle Music Festival in the summer of 2012 in Lousiville because I was going with my sister and family and the line up was going to be good! He took that seriously and next thing I knew he was telling me that he bought a weekend pass when they went on sale that January. We were talking pretty often but I still was nervous to have him join my sister and my parents and I at the festival that summer since it had been a while since we had seen each other in person. I again threw out the idea that we should hang out some before being trapped together all weekend in the summer. He agreed this was smart and I made my first 3 hour trip to visit him. I will never forget how nervous I was when I was driving to see him. I called my friend freaking out the closer I got to his house. That weekend turned out to be great! I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be more than friends and was excited to see where things went from there. We didn’t see each other again for about 5 or 6 weeks. Somewhere that spring though, we officially began a long-distance relationship. In May, we met in Bloomington and enjoyed a weekend back on campus and at some of our old hangouts and we got our first official picture as a couple at the Sample Gates.

We attended Forecastle together that July and this is when we both first said ‘I love you.’ It was an epic weekend filled with so much music, family, and happiness. It really warmed my heart when Wyatt and I left during one of his favorite artists so that we could walk with my sister who was leaving early to drive back to Indianapolis. He wanted to be sure she made it to her car safely. We just never looked back after that. We began seeing each other every couple of weeks.

Finally, in December of 2013, I found a job in his town and moved to Lafayette. We take every opportunity to stop at IU when we have the chance. We are often driving through Bloomington en route to my family in southern Indiana and make it a point to have lunch or a quick walk on campus. Since our first visit back to Bloomington, I have been getting our picture taken together at the Sample Gates on campus. It’s my favorite area of campus and I just get happy every time we stop by for a bit. He’s taken me on a birthday getaway to town and we’ve attended weddings, football games, basketball games, soccer games, concerts, and ballets there. It truly is a special place to both of us for many reason but one of the most important is how it brought us into each others lives.

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My birthday was approaching and I had arrange for my parents and sister to come to town to celebrate with us and Wyatt’s parents. In the middle of the week prior my mom reached out to me and my sister about the need to alter plans a bit. Something had come up and she suggested we have lunch in Bloomington, maybe a cool place on Kirkwood. The weather was predicted to be inclement that morning so I was a little less than thrilled. Wyatt’s parents picked us up and we made our way to Bloomington without any problems. Luckily the icy weather stayed much further north than originally predicted. We met my family at Big Woods near campus for lunch. We decided to go over to the student union to enjoy cupcakes my sister brought from Indianapolis and allow me to open gifts. While we were visiting, Wyatt asked if we could go get one of our pictures together at the Sample Gates and suggested it might be cool to get one of the whole family. We bundled up and made out way to the Sample Gates. Wyatt and I posed for some pictures and before I knew it he was turned and down on one knee. He presented me with an open ring box and asked me to marry him! I said yes!