Amanda and Victor

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How We Met

I was living in Charlotte at the time, about to relocate back to my home in Atlanta within the next couple of months, and was interested in learning the Romance languages – Italian, French, Portuguese – you name it! So I made an account on, a social networking language learning community where you can teach people your language and they can teach you theirs, and was able to have a free 30-day trial of their premium accounts. This included instant messaging where I was able to talk with people from all over the world that were wanting to learn English.

It was the very last day of my 30-day trial and I was going to close my laptop for the night. As I was closing my laptop, I heard the instant messaging notification sound and so I opened my laptop for one last IM when I noticed that it was someone from Brazil. Finally, it was somebody that I would actually want to talk to because they speak a language that I want to learn whereas the others that reached out to me where from Turkey and other random places all over the world.

Naturally, I was pretty excited because finally it was somebody who spoke a language I was interested in learning. We chatted for a little bit and one of the first questions this guy asked me was “where are you from?” Of course, I didn’t want him to know where I was living just in case he was a creeper, so I responded with “Atlanta.” He then responded with, “Oh! That’s cool! I have a friend that just moved to Atlanta. He is studying at the university there. He needs help with something. Here is his Facebook. (then proceeded to attach the link to his Facebook account). He is a good guy!”

At this point I thought the whole thing was just weird because here is this completely random guy from the other side of the world giving me links to other guys’ Facebooks and I just thought to myself “this is where I die”. So I clicked on the link and there he was – Victor. When I first looked at his profile, I didn’t think much of it because the whole situation was just so weird to me that I thought maybe he really did need help – and he did.

So I messaged him and offered my help – he just came to the US for the first time and needed to know the names of the local malls to buy clothes because he was cold (in August!). We continued the conversation and skyped, because I really wanted to know if he was really a student at Georgia Tech or not, and we finally met in person 3 months later whenever I moved back to Atlanta. What was only supposed to be a quick Starbucks meeting turned into a 5-hour date in Atlantic Station. Our first kiss was a week later on our second date and we just fell in love from there. I was able to meet my IM friend who introduced Victor and I a year later whenever I moved to Brazil for a month. Had it not been for that friend, we would have never met. Had it not been for my interest in other cultures and languages, we wouldn’t be getting married next year.

how they asked

Victor had thoroughly planned his surprise visit to Georgia to throw me completely off guard. Day of the mock photo shoot at the Chattahoochee Coffee Company (our favorite place), Harmony and Melanie led me on to believe it was a real photoshoot for their portfolios! As we approached my favorite spot to sit and shoot, which was right off the Chattahoochee river, Harmony handed me her iphone to watch the short video Victor created for me, describing his love. While I was watching the video, I almost knew what was going on but I still really had no idea how it was going to happen!

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As planned, Victor walked down the trail as I finished watching the video, I turned my head and the rest of the photos speak for themselves…

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Special Thanks

Harmony Blackwell
 | Photographer
Melanie Otero
 | Styling
Corianne Elizabeth
 | Makeup