Amanda and Trevor

How We Met

Trevor was born and raised on the Central Coast here in California and I came to San Luis Obispo for college in 2010! Despite being in the same major and same clubs on campus we didn’t officially met until we started working together at a local non-profit, Lifewater International. I was doing graphic design and he was doing web design and we were the only two creatives in the tiny office. We both had just come out of long-term relationships and were just settling back into the routine of balancing full-time student schedules with part-time jobs! I had a huge crush on him but obviously didn’t say anything because I didn’t know how he felt. We would hang out in the evenings playing cards, sharing life-stories, drinking spiked hot cocoa and sitting by the fire at his parents house.

It wasn’t until the eve of winter break, when I was scheduled to leave for Europe with my best friend to backpack around for almost 3 weeks, that he told me he liked me! I had just finished finals, he took me on a drive through a canyon that leads to the beach, blasting his favorite (now my favorite) Christmas album, and we walked along the pier and sat at the end where he quoted a Disney movie (Frozen – “Can I say something crazy?”); which for anyone who doesn’t know me: I’m a sucker for all things Disney! He told me liked me but that we should take it slow which was in his favor because I was about to be roaming around Europe for 3 weeks. I spent every second of wifi sending him messages! And when I got back just after New Years, he took me on the same date, through the canyon, with Christmas music, to the beach, to the end of the pier where he asked if he could have a belated New Years kiss. I’ve been swooning every since!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Yosemite National Park

how they asked

We had been talking about getting engaged for a few months and with a new job that was about to take him up to the Bay Area, I thought it would happen before he moved but; when it didn’t, every weekend that followed when I got to see him made me so excited that it might happen! May 19th we planned to take my best friend and her husband to Yosemite to show them our favorite place in the whole wide world! My best friend had never been and I was so excited to share this piece of heaven with her. By the time this weekend had come, I wasn’t even thinking about a proposal because the week leading up to this trip, Trevor was in a car accident and totaled his car (thankfully, he walked away completely unharmed!) but the thought of putting money down for a new car made me think that maybe I would be waiting a bit longer for a ring which I was preparing my heart to tell him that a car is definitely a priority and that I can continue to be patient but he completely surprised me after an 8 mile hike to Upper Yosemite Falls!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Yosemite National Park

We had just finished the hike and were walking over to Curry Village to get dinner when Trevor suggested we take the boardwalk through the meadow because it was sunset and the lighting was beautiful. I just wanted to sprint to the village for pizza and drinks but I’m so glad he convinced me to take the path less traveled. We were walking across the boardwalk and he said “I love adventuring with you” and I said “I love adventuring with you too!” and he asked “Do you want to adventure together for the rest of life?” and I said “yes, of course!” and while I’m looking out into the meadow and the valley floor, he’s behind me on one knee and I turn around so surprised and he asks me “So, will you marry me?”

Proposal Ideas Yosemite National Park

And I responded with “oh my gosh, what is happening?!” He had to repeat himself and I said yes absolutely and I started to cry!

Amanda's Proposal in Yosemite National Park

Meanwhile, my best friend and her husband had fallen back and were taking pictures of the whole thing! We were tired and dirty, in our camping clothes and in our favorite place in the world and I wouldn’t change it for a thing!

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