Amanda and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I met at a Phi Theta Kappa meeting in college four years ago. I was Vice President and he was at the meeting to possibly sign up and become a member. After the meeting, he came up to me and asked me some simple questions about our organization. We made small talk and he asked where our office was located. So I took him to the office and gave him one of our flyers. I told him about our bake sale fundraiser that was happening on campus the next day. The following day all the members showed up with delicious baked goods that we all pretty much just bought from a bakery. A few moments later, Travis comes walking up to our bake sale stand with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I was immediately embarrassed because none of us really baked anything and here he was with his freshly baked cookies. I then asked him if these were baked from a container or if they were homemade. He sarcastically replied by correcting me and saying, no these came out of a box, not a container. I thought, wow this guy’s sarcasm is on point. The next day he asked me out on our first date to a full moon party on the bay in the Florida Keys. Needless to say it could’ve been his sarcasm that got me, but I’m pretty sure it was the chocolate chip cookies. Who knew that four years from then we would be getting married on a beautiful beach in the Florida Keys.

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how they asked

My fiancé Travis and I lived in Miami before moving to Utah and have been dating for four years. My entire family lives in Miami so I was extremely excited to have my sister in Salt Lake City spending the holidays with us! On Christmas Day, we went over to his brother’s house to watch his kids open up their gifts and have brunch. It’s always fun watching the little ones get all excited. After they were all done opening their gifts, Travis’s mom mentioned we were out of champagne and wanted to go and grab some more. So she left. Then his sister-in-law said that they had one more gift for his mom down in the basement. We then we walked up with the hugely wrapped gift that I thought was for her (turns out it was a distraction as they were getting him all set up in the living room)! As we walked into the living room, I saw all of our family and a huge teddy bear perched on a chair with a large card. Initially I thought it was a gift for the kids. The bear was adorable! I just sat down waiting for the kids to grab the bear and then Travis’s brother told me that it was a gift for me. I was a bit confused. So I walked up to the bear and opened the card. It said “will you marry me, check yes or no” and the song from George Strait started playing! I looked all around for him thinking he was hiding somewhere. I had no idea he was inside the bear as he jumped up and scared me half to death! He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…and, of course, I checked yes!

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