Amanda and Tony

How We Met

Almost 7 years ago, Amanda and I met through our sisters, Alexis and Esmeralda. Alexis is Amanda’s younger sister. Esmi is my younger sister. Both Alexis and Esmi played on the same soccer team. Amanda’s dad was the coach for both our sister’s soccer team and Amanda’s soccer team. I would go with my parents to see my sister practice. And while being at their practice I would see Amanda. I remember asking my mom who that girl was. And she told me, “That’s Amanda, the coaches older daughter.” I processed, with “Oh, okay.”

Amanda and Tony's Engagement in Austin, Texas

A couple of days past by and our sisters’ soccer team was having a parent vs. player game. Amanda and I got to be on the same team. She didn’t think much of me at the time because I was dressed in a really tight under amour shirt. And wearing skull cap. She thought I looked ridiculous. Anyways, I remember going home that night and looking her up and Facebook and found her. A couple of days after I built the courage to send her a message. I said, “Hey didn’t we play soccer together the other day?” She replied! We exchanged numbers went on dates and here we are.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Austin, Texas

How They Asked

March 1st, 2019. It’s been a planned date since I bought the ring. I bought the ring in late January. On new years day, I told her sister and her two cousins I was going to propose this year (2019). Around February I asked to have dinner with her parents along with my parents to ask for their blessing to marry their daughter. They obviously said yes. And I told them I wanted this to be a surprise proposal.

March 1st didn’t have any meaning to it until I proposed. Amanda’s tia (aunt) had plans for a birthday dinner on March 1st. However, that was after I had already planned our proposal date. So I used that as a decoy because I knew Amanda would dress up. Since I was on a time crunch for the sunset I needed to be at the sight by 5:30. After getting out of work around 2 pm, I got a message from her sister saying that the birthday dinner was canceled. I waited for Amanda to tell me, as she did. I replied to her saying, “well get ready either way because we are going out to eat.” I go home, get ready. I then text Amanda and tell her, “I forgot my wallet at home. (Amanda thought I was at work) I was able to tell my mom in time to take my wallet with her to work and she is out of work by 5:15.” So Amanda thought we were going to pick up my wallet.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Austin, Texas

My family and her family along with Alyssa the photographer are already at the location setting up the way I wanted to look like. As I’m into the parking lot of the location Amanda is starting to question why we are there. I didn’t really know what to say but, let’s go for a walk. As we walk on this trail we turn and see this beautiful arrangement that our families and Alyssa made for us. There were pictures of us on pinned on twine from throughout the years. Along with a photo of our loved ones who are no longer here. Amanda is looking at it with a shock on her face. Next to some flowers were signs that said, “Sorry for the wait.” and “Mi Amor, casate conmigo.” As she bent over to turn one of the signs, I got on bended knee. And asked, “Amanda *middle name* *last name* will you marry me?”

Special Thanks

Alyssa Martin
 | Photographer
Annalisa Chavez
 | Creating Signs