Amanda and Tim

How We Met: We met through one of my best friends and bridesmaid, Brittany Jakubik. Brittany and I met while working at Nordstrom back in high school and remained friends ever since. When I moved home after college Brittany and I would frequently get together and go out on the weekends. When I started dating again Brittany kept bugging me to meet this guy named Tim and his friends. Brittany met Tim through our good friend Sharlen Daniel.

Brittany thought Tim was a great guy and that we would be a great match. One night Brittany finally convinced me to go to a house party, Tim, Jim, and Travis’ house warming party in Royal Oak. Brittany of course made her famous chocolate chip cookies, that I still crave all the time!! Anyways, I met Tim for the first time in his basement right at the bottom of the stairs. I’ll never forget when I saw him. He was leaning against a metal pole and looked very suave.

I was so nervous I barely said more than a sentence. After a quick introduction Brittany and I decided to go upstairs and eat some of her cookies. The night didn’t go as planned, Brittany and I went to Mr. B’s and Tim and the rest of the crew went elsewhere, probably Fifth Avenue! Months went by and Brittany kept inviting me every time she hung out with the guys but I always had something else to do. Finally, in January I agreed to hang out with her.


I was supposed to go out with my friend Chelsea Fraim that night downtown, but for some reason going to B-Dubs in Washington Township sounded like a better idea! Once I got there, I was strategically placed to sit next to Tim. I don’t think I watched a minute of the Detroit Lions playoff game as Tim talked my ear off! I didn’t mind though, I actually enjoyed it. And the rest is history….

How I Asked: After dating Amanda for almost 3 years I decided it was time to “pop the question”. I knew Amanda was the one very early into dating but I wanted to give our relationship enough time so we really knew each other before marriage. I decided to start planning the proposal October 2014, and told my family during Thanksgiving that I planned to propose. Needless to say my entire family was ecstatic! I was also able to ask Amanda’s dad when we went to a Thanksgiving football game and thankfully he said yes!

After a little Google searching on proposal ideas I decided to come up with something unique on my own. I wrote a list of all of Amanda’s favorite things and tried to figure out how to incorporate those things into a creative proposal she should love. Chicago (where she went to school), Great food, Art/fashion (Her degree was fashion marketing) and sweets were all on the list. I decided finally that I would propose to Amanda in Chicago on her birthday weekend (so she wouldn’t be suspicious of the planning) and I would do so at an art gallery.

To make the event extra special I asked my cousin and now groomsman Keith to help by painting a picture of Amanda and I that would be waiting at the end of the tour with a “Will you marry me?” sign. Keith and I met a couple days before the proposal and he gave me the finished painting…it WAS INCREDIBLE! I knew Amanda would absolutely love it. Amanda and I left for Chicago Friday Jan 16th and celebrated her birthday night at Tavern on Rush…a great restaurant!

The next day we had the art gallery tour mid-day and needless to say I was nervous. We both got dressed up and arrived at the gallery called Mars Gallery. We spent the first 20 minutes on a private tour and then it was on to the big moment. Meanwhile we had a photographer I hired taking pictures of us as we went through the tour which made Amanda a little suspicious but he said he was from an art magazine on an assignment to photograph the gallery.

Our tour guide led us to the final room where I told Amanda I had a surprise for her.I told her one of Keith’s paintings was on display but I wanted it to be a surprise and for her to cover her eyes. I walked her over to the painting and said on the count of 3 uncover your eyes. 1,2,3 and I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me.


When she said yes it was one of the happiest moments of my life. The photographer got great shots the moment of the proposal and many good pictures after.


Also along with the pictures we had roses and champagne so we did a toast while Amanda and I tried to compose ourselves. Later that night we went to her favorite restaurant RPM Italia and that was the beginning of our engagement!!



Photos by: David Cochran Photography