Amanda and Tim

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How We Met

It all started back in July of 2013… I walked into my first day of work, which also happened to be an all staff work meeting. I was being shown around by some coworkers when in he came. All confident but obviously nervous… Bc he kept asking me the same questions over again when we’d catch each other. Pretty much ignored him for the first month then one day he struck up a conversation with me about different places we wanted to travel. He slyly got my number and told me to text him the name of this place that I said I had always dreamt of going to… I caved and the rest is history “Lake Louise, Alberta Canada” was the text that started it all. We’ve texted each other every single day since that first text and don’t plan on ever stopping.. we’ve experienced a lot of happiness a lot of sadness and a lot of life’s crazy speed bumps it throws at you, but always seem to come out more in love and more connected than we did going in.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Monterey, CA

how they asked

Fast forward to 12.17.17… our anniversary just passed and we had to push off celebrating bc of our work schedules. He told me he had something planned but wouldn’t budge on any details. Monterey has always been our place to go on date days and is actually where he took me on our first date. We got massages and I assumed we were just going to dinner, but as we walked out of the elevator he told me to to close me eyes and trust him. He walked me down the stairs covered in roses to a heart made in the sand. We talked about our future and love, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He told me to look up & sure enough both of our parents and my grandparents were watching the entire time. He knows how important family is to me & how special them being a part of something like that would be. He nailed it.. he even hired a photographer and made sure my nails were done!

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