Amanda and Taulant

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How We Met

We met at our job. We both worked at the heritage hotel in southbury,CT. I was a line cook and he was a room service attendant/server.

how they asked

I had been working and we planned to have friends over that night. So I arranged to get out a little early to be home sooner. He had left work 2 hours before me and we had gotten a big snow storm that day. He said he was going home to shovel. When I got home, nothing was shoveled and I couldn’t park. I called him to come help me and he said he couldn’t he was busy. Said to just quick park somewhere and he would move my car in a minute. So obviously I got annoyed. I’m walking up to the house and nothing is shoveled, not even the walk way. I stomp up the steps open the screen door, kick open the front door cuz my hands are full. And there he was on his knee with a personally designed ring. He was surrounded by 4 friends and my mother all in will you marry me t-shirts. I never thought I’d be getting married. And I cried a little lol.

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