Amanda and Steven

Steve and I met 2 years ago through our best friends Georgie Furze and Brad Trower. I was actually dressed in a Mrs clause santa outfit when we met on a night out. Straight away we started dating and fall more and more in love each day…

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Steve is in the royal australian navy and has been away on deployment 5 months of this year already. Last week he left for a 6 month deployment to the middle east in which I had been dreading and was very upset about.

When an australian navy ship goes on a long deployment they have a large farewell ceremony where all the family and friends come down to the Navy base have a tour of the ship and listen to the captain say some speeches. They then sail off and we all wave them goodbye

Last Sunday morning I woke up feeling sad that it was the day he was leaving for 6 months.

All my family came down with me to the navy base with my boyfriend to farewell him. We took a tour of the ship and all the emotions took over. I had already cried and he hadn’t left yet. All being planned we gathered near the ship and we were in front of everyone facing the water and his ship. I was standing next to my family and steve was on one side. A few photographers that were part of the proposal plan came up and asked for a family photo then I saw a few TV film crew walk over and start filming the crowd. A photographer asked me to look a certain direction and when I turned around everyone had Moved away and steve was on one knee asking me to marry him. I of course said yes!!

It made a very sad day an extremely joyful one. It was well planned out all my family knew along with photographers and the ships captain and navy personel. Steve organised news channels to come film us so the proposal Made 4 news Channels that night, it was our way of telling everyone we were engaged!

I then had to say my goodbyes as he left for the ship and the ship sailed off on their 6 month deployment as sad as it is I now have an amazing wedding to plan while he is away.

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