Amanda and Steven

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How We Met

I first met Steven when I was 14 years old. My “cool, older” cousin had just moved here from New York City and kept raving about his new friend that lived across the street from him. He kept going on and on about how awesome he was needless to say it was Steven! A few months later I was competing in a dance show to which my cousin accompanied me BUT with his cool friend, Steven. On that day I finally got to meet the “cool, suave Steve” and on that very night he told me he was going to marry me!!! I remember it like it was yesterday. I did not end up winning the dance competition so I was a little bummed. Waiting in the parking lot for my mom to bring the car around; Steve told me on that crisp October night, right there in the parking lot under the lamp post that he was going to marry me!!! Dude, we are 14 and 17 and we just met! I was a young and naive teenager with a major crush on my high school sweetheart (that went up in flames six years later) and I immediately called my cousin to please come and get his weird friend Steve. He was the best man in my cousins wedding and thirteen years later we fell deeply in love. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I get to be apart of the greatest love story ever told, ours!

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how they asked

My fiancé has just received the promotion of his life which has caused him to temporary relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. Now Atlanta isn’t that far from Orlando so we had just spent the weekend together. I dropped to the airport and we said our loving goodbyes. It is my sisters birthday and we have this huge family dinner planned. Everyone is dressed impeccably and we head out. My sister pulls up to the “restaurant site” but insists on parking by the bridge due to what she says are parking fees. I do not contest and start to make my way out of the car. I remember thinking how scenic the atmosphere was and wishing so badly he was there to just enjoy the night with me but understood the importance of him being in Atlanta oppose to Orlando. My entire family starts to make this long journey along the brick pavement. I turned to my sister and told “well, where is the restaurant” to which she responded, “the woman said it is directly across from the gazebo do you see the top of the gazebo – – its right there by the lake” we walk up a little more and start to see red and white candle on the floor I said “wow, look how gorgeous are these candles” my sweet sister responds you know I think someone may have gotten married here today.

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I walked up a little more and there was Steven standing under the gazebo looking so handsome, with the most beautiful flower arrangements surrounding him. On the pavement it said two words. Marry Me! Steven started off by saying thirteen years ago I laid eyes on you and told you I was going to marry you and thirteen years later I stand before you to make good my promise. He then bent down on one knee and said, ” Will you marry me?” My answer was of course, actually it was “DUH!” Both of our families were there and it felt as if for a moment the world stopped.

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I knew right in that moment this is what dreams are made of!

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