Amanda and Shaun


How We Met

At the time Shaun and I met, I was a single mom working at a restaurant in Montauk, where I was the manager and event planner. The restaurant is on the docks and Shaun is a fisherman. He would come in for a drink or dinner when he got in from fishing.

I was seeing someone else at the time, so we remained friends for months. One night, after a few too many, I told one of my girlfriends that I was going to marry Shaun. I broke it off with the guy I was dating soon after. I couldn’t wait to tell him when he got in from his 4 day fishing trip. He was thrilled. We went for drinks that night. We didn’t drink.

We talked until the sun came up then he bought me pancakes. It wasn’t until he met my son that I truly knew he was the one. It was almost like they were best friends in a past life. Not long after that Shaun bought a house for us all. Not long after that, the man who never wanted kids, wanted to try for a sibling for Braxton.

He didn’t want them too be too far apart in age. Soon came Harper Mae. 10 months and 5 days after came Maddox “Bubba” Richard, and the best dad in the world.

how they asked

He piled us all in the suburban and said “we’re going for hike!” It was abnormally hot for October 30, so I agreed. He plopped the babies in the double stroller and tossed Braxton a pair of binoculars. (At the end of trail there is usually seals this time of year) Half way through the trail I asked to turn around.


At this point we were carrying the double stroller over narrow bridges and I was breaking a sweat. He laughed and said no. I pouted but didn’t think anything of it. When we got to the end the kids played and looked for seals.


Shaun found the biggest piece of beach glass we’ve ever found. It was truly peaceful. Just as I was about to say let’s get going, he asked Braxton, 6, to take a picture of us in front of the ocean. I thought how sweet! (I’m usually the one enforcing the photo ops) I was about to yank my hair out of my ponytail when he got down on one knee.


In between sobs he asked me to marry him and I said yes, with all three of our kids present. He told me that when he, Braxton and I took this same hike months into our new relationship, it was the first time he felt like we were a family.


And now we officially can be.