Amanda and Shaun

How We Met

My aunt brought him as a guest to our family breakfast on Christmas. Him and my dad hit it off so he was invited to our family dinner later that day. Aunt bonnie suggested I give him my number because we were exactly what the other one needed. She was SO right. I went over to his house two days after Christmas and have stayed there since.

how they asked

Hinting at it for the longest time, and finally asked!! He told me to be patient with him. That he was writing me a note and I could only see it when it was perfect.

He hears me folding the note back up, turns around and tells me the most important things. For the first time I was able to solidly look someone in the eyes through their entire conversation with me. Then he asked

“do I have an option” I said .

“No” he said.

“Okay, ( with the biggest smile) then yes” I said.