Amanda and Samuel

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How We Met: We met in high school at a football game when I was a freshman and Samuel was a sophomore. We were both 16 when we started dating. Seven years later we are finally getting hitched!

how they asked: Samuel spent months planning the proposal. We planned a day to go out to a winery that we wanted to check out for quite a while (Pippin Hill Winery). We put our puppy in daycare for the day and headed out to Charlottesville. On the way there, Sam’s tire blew out (of course!) I had no idea why he was so frustrated about this at the moment (after months of him coordinating and planning the perfect day), but while he was switching out the tire, his tool completely broke (of course!) Sam waved down a stranger who graciously helped us out and we were back on the road after about an hour.

Little did I know that both of our families had driven past us while we were on the side of the road, as they were planning to surprise me at the winery immediately after the proposal! Our families contemplated stopping to help us, but did NOT want to ruin the surprise! The second we made it to the winery, Sam walked me out onto the lawn and proposed.

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He booked a professional photographer to capture the moment and after being surprised by our families we all had lunch together.

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