Amanda and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I have gone to the same school our whole lives. However, we didn’t really “meet” until 6th grade where it all began. With a “will you go out with me” over AIM (AOL instant messenger) we were official. Official meaning, Ryan would walk by my classroom and wave and I would wave back, or my friends and I would sit outside of his classroom and study vocabulary aka spy on Ryan.

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That year, I don’t think we said more than 10 words to each other. Off and on for the next couple of years, we became inseparable. From middle school and high school to overcoming long distance at different colleges, and buying our very own fixer-upper, we have been through everything together. It is crazy to say I found the love of my life at 12 years old.

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how they asked

On Mother’s Day weekend my family had planned to celebrate on Saturday instead of Sunday, which I thought nothing of. Little did I know he and my family had been scheming without me even knowing! Before we left for dinner Ryan got a call from “a coworker” needing to borrow our grill for his boy scouts, so we went to Village Creek Park to drop it off on our way out. In true Amanda fashion, I was too worried about Ryan getting charcoal all over his new shirt to even think he would be proposing. When we arrived, he turned off the truck ready for me to go with him… down a hiking trail.. in the heat of the day.. in a dress and wedges… before dinner… No thanks! After some coaxing, we ended up at one of our favorites spots where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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After a perfect photo op, we arrived at dinner where both of our families and friends were waiting for us! I had always told Ryan there would be no way he could surprise me because I would be able to see it coming… I could not believe he pulled off the perfect proposal!

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