Amanda and Ross

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How We Met

I met Ross at a bar, through mutual friends. I was a travel nurse at the time, had just returned home to St. Louis from Idaho two days before. I was out with a group of friends on a Saturday night and one of their husbands mentioned some of his friends meeting us out. I still remember being out on the dancefloor of a super crowded bar with my friends, hearing my friend’s husband shouting at his friends, and looking up to see this tall, handsome guy, with a sweet smile, and bright blue eyes. We were introduced and immediately started talking.

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We were both enthralled with each other, we talked all night, got breakfast the next morning with friends, and he asked me on a formal first date. Two days later we went ice skating and got Mexican for dinner and had the best time! (He had texted our mutual friend to get tips on where to take me for our date).

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I was only home for one week before I had to leave Missouri for my next contract in Dallas, and we saw each other four of those seven days. Throughout my three-month contract, I came home as much as possible, and we were constantly texting, calling, and Facetiming. That was my last travel contract and I returned home to St. Louis for a list of reasons, but he was a pretty good reason to finally come home.

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How They Asked

We went to his parent’s home in New Symrna Beach, Florida for a little staycation for the weekend. The first night there they mentioned going to see the sunrise on the beach the next morning. The past couple of times we’ve visited them we’ve gotten up early to go see the sunrise, so I wasn’t too suspicious. We were up and at the beach by 6:40 am to see the sunrise, it was sprinkling off and on the whole drive, which made for a beautiful double rainbow at the beach.

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We walked down to the ocean and watched the sunrise, it was such a beautiful morning. I noticed that his parents and sister were all standing behind us with their phones and my only thought was, “They sure are excited for a sunrise even though they live here,” haha! He kept looking at me and grinning, so I asked him “What?” and he responded, “I think you know,” and got on one knee and proposed to me.

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I was so happy, cry-laughing so hard, and probably didn’t even let him finish before saying YES!!!!!!! His family ran down and we were all hugging and crying. They had a cooler full of champagne and orange juice for mimosas for us. It meant so much to have the moment with the two of us and to have family there to celebrate with us. It was the most incredible morning.

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