Amanda and Rolando

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At bride's mother's home in Philadelphia

How We Met

Rolando and I always say that we have Kings of Leon to thank for bringing us together. We met on OkCupid’s website on December 5, 2010. I was scrolling through my matches when off to the side of the page Rolando’s profile popped up. Something told me to click on his page. Now according to OkCupid’s calculations we were not a match at all- we weren’t even listed as being possible friends- but I kept reviewing his profile regardless. The very first picture I saw on his page was of him attending the Kings of Leon concert which took place on November 16, 2010 at Madison Square Garden. It just so happened that I was at the exact same concert. I decided to reach out to him and I asked: How did you like the KOL concert at MSG? It was that question that kicked off our now 7 year relationship. We both agree that fate was on our side and the universe brought us together because it wasn’t until a year after we started dating that I found out Rolando wasn’t even supposed to attend the concert and decided to go at the very last minute with his sister. To this day we continue to go to every Kings of Leon concert at Madison Square Garden.

how they asked

From very early on in our relationship Rolando and I both knew that we would spend the rest of our lives together. We both are very family oriented and follow certain traditions. I sadly lost my father 12 years ago due to complications from Lupus. As Rolando and I had discussions about our future I would remind him that when the time came he would need to ask my mother for my hand in marriage, my father would have wanted it that way. Little did I know Rolando’s proposal was three months in the making. On February 19 we visited my mother in Philadelphia while helping her move out of my childhood house into a new apartment in our neighborhood. I am extremely close with my mother. She is my best friend. I thought if for some reason my mom can’t witness our proposal in person when it happens then hopefully somehow it would be captured on video or in photos. We were having a typical night at home with my mom and I started to gather our things so we could leave to catch our train back to NYC. Rolando was trying to get my attention for a good 10 minutes before I finally turned around and he took my hand in both of his and got down on one knee. Before I could even realize what was happening he started saying: I know I should have done this a long time ago…in that moment time stood still and I just started crying. I barely remember anything else he said except for when he took out the ring box and asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes through my tears and ran over to my mom. I was so deeply touched that Rolando decided to propose to me in front of my mom in her new home. It was the best first memory created there that we will all remember for a lifetime. My father would have enjoyed that moment very much. Rolando always says how he wishes he had the opportunity to meet my father especially during special moments like this. As hard as it is not having my father with us, as we start planning this new chapter in our lives, Rolando and I wanted to do something special to honor him as well as my mother. When it came time to pick a date for our wedding we knew right away which date it should be. We are getting married on September 23, 2018 which marks my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At bride's mother's home in Philadelphia

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