Amanda and Roland

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Roland and I met four and a half years ago when I was in college. He learned very quick how clumsy I was, but instead of scaring him off somehow it just flat out made him laugh and never want to leave. On our first date we ended up meeting up with his friends at a bowling alley for a birthday celebration. I was getting to know his friends, making a good impression, and of course yours truly tries to be sneaky and take his turn before he notices. Turns out I ended up face planting and sliding half way down the lane instead.

To this day I can never live it down. We have grown to have so much more in common than we ever thought. Our love for animals has grown as we have three dogs to show for it and I even turned him into a farmer who loves cattle just as much as I do. Our love for travel and adventure has grown over the years as well. We always said we wanted to go to Hawaii but figured it would probably never happen. It didn’t take long for our impulse to set in as usual and before we knew it we were calling a travel agent to set it up. We booked a trip to Maui for 10 days filled with 10 excursions, three island hops, and so many souvenirs we had to buy another suit case just to come home.

As we counted down the days the excitement grew. Finally the day came that we were leaving for the airport. I was upstairs doing last minute packing when Roland asked me to come down stairs. When I came down there were candles all in the living room and our dogs dressed up with a bow tie and wedding veils. With my parents in the background he dropped to one knee. I was speechless. Two hours later we hopped on a plane and took off to Maui. I could not have been more overwhelmed with excitement. It was the perfect way to celebrate and the best adventure to start our engagement off!

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