Amanda and Rob | An Adorably Sweet Marriage Proposal

How we met: Rob and I met through mutual friends when he was a junior in High School and I was a sophomore. He went to school with a group of people that I went to church with. They wanted me to come to prom with them, but since I went to a different school, in order to go, I needed to be asked by someone who attended their same High School. It just so happened that Rob was looking for a date. We had never met before so we decided to go out to eat and try to get to know each other better. I was excited to just be going to prom with my friends and was not really thinking this would turn into anything else, but here we are seven years later…

how they asked: June 14, 2013 is what you would consider the best day ever. It was the Friday before leaving for St. George and I was giddy with excitement. On a chalk bulletin board in Rob’s apartment I noticed he had written “Best Day Ever” and I asked him about it. His response was, “the day before the beach is always the best day ever,” I didn’t think twice about it.

So off I went to work where I was greeted with a large Starbucks by my intern. Woah, totally best day ever. Beach tomorrow, Starbucks today, oh yeahhh. Well, I was trying to balance eating lunch with my Dad for Father’s Day since I would be out of town so I asked him if we could go to lunch, but with a wedding the next day where I worked and new clients coming in, the lunch was postponed till about 2:00. Little did I know everyone was in on this proposal, even my dad and coworkers. So as I headed back to work from lunch, I pulled in and noticed my best friend’s car in the parking lot. That’s when I knew.

Ashley Ann whisked me away from work and off we went on our little adventure. Rob had letters prepared for Ashley Ann to give to me. The first one read, Today you will be getting pampered because you work so hard. Because you are such an amazing person, today is on me. The Joy is in the journey, so take a deep breath and enjoy this journey. We then went to get manicures and pedicures.

As we left, another letter was given to me, Focus on the journey, not the destination. Your journey is far from over. Sit back and enjoy the ride. We then headed over to a spa in town for massages. I mean literally talk about the best day ever!

As we got in the car, the third letter was given. All letters included inside jokes between the two of us that really no one would get if I wrote them here. The rest is history.

Ashley Ann put me on a golf cart and wheeled me out to the field across from Rob’s parent’s shop. As the blindfold was taken off I stood in front of a surreal scene. A dressing room in the middle of a field. As I stepped in, the song by Third Day, Your Love is Like a River came on. I lost it.


A couple of days before I had heard that song on the radio and immediately pulled it up on YouTube and was listening to it as I walked into Rob’s apartment. That night all we did was listen to that song on full blast over and over. There was just something about it that grabbed me. When that song came on the tears started coming down. I believe in having God as the center of your marriage. I believe it is the only way it will survive the times. Rob and I are not perfect Christians by any stretch of the imagination, but God’s hand print was all over that day and that moment. It felt surreal as I stood in the dressing room and listened to that song. I read the letter that was sitting on the chair and then quickly changed.


I walked over to the table the letter was talking about and there were letters from my Mom, Dad, and Rob. Oh man, the tears came again. Rob’s letter told me to put the blindfold back on and so I did. My mind wasn’t racing, my heart wasn’t freaking out. I was completely at peace.


As the blindfold came off and I saw him standing there, I just cried as he got down on one knee. I don’t cry. I never cry, but that meant something. It meant I was ready for this, this was what God wanted for me.

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Photos by Chloe Giancola