Amanda and Rob

how we met

Just over two and a half years ago, I walked into a local brewery in Oldsmar, FL to meet a Tinder date who I had been excited to meet. My expectations were high, and both of us were clearly a little nervous to meet each other, but the next 90 minutes easily ended up being one of the more disappointing dates both of us had ever been on. The gist of our date was: Rob barely spoke, and I talked too much in order to fill the awkward silence. By the end, I chalked it up to a simple mismatch and thought I might get a call back from him, but didn’t count on it. As we walked to our cars, I did notice he opened up a little and was more himself so I kissed him goodbye and drove away. Then two days later, something happened. He actually texted me! And we arranged a second date.

how they asked

Rob proposed at Davis Island Park in Tampa, FL on an isolated peninsula, with nothing else but a park bench, a bottle of Champagne and a view of the bay. In disbelief and shock, because Rob had fooled me to believe that our engagement wasn’t even a passing thought for him at this point, I said “YES!” The engagement was perfect, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

Special Thanks