Amanda and Reid

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How We Met

I was at a party on cape cod with mutual friend’s and I noticed this tall, handsome guy. Reid is reserved and quiet, and I am over the top and outgoing. He kept staring at me throughout the night and even stayed out later than he originally anticipated. I went home without giving him my number, so he messaged me on social media and asked me to get drinks with him. After giving him the “run around” a few times I finally said yes. From our very first date I knew he was the one, the way he looked at me made me feel so special and i wanted him to look at me like that everyday, forever. Three years later we are getting married!

how they asked

It was the Friday after the Fourth of July and the sky was overcast but the temperature was perfect. Our home is about a minute from our favorite beach where we have shared many bottles of wine, laughs and sunsets by the bay. He asked me if I wanted to go down to our favorite beach for a walk after work (like we had done many times before) so I did not think anything of it. We drove down to our favorite spot and because of the overcast there was not a soul in sight, so we had the whole beach to ourselves. He kept asking me to look at the boats and because we live on cape cod I thought it was weird that he said that because frankly I see them all of the time.

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Little did I know he was trying to get me to look away so that he could get down on one knee. He got his wish with the wind blowing and me looking away to fix my hair. I turned back to reid and he was down on one knee, asking for me to be his forever. I immediately started sobbing and said yes. We opened a bottle of my favorite champagne and that truly was our moment.

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I’ll never forget the breeze, the look in his eyes and the love we truly share together.

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