Amanda and Patrick

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How We Met

I was a freshman at Wayne State University and I was working at the Jimmy Johns on campus as a “gourmet sandwich maker”. A tall, built, and handsome football jock was always seen walking past the store wearing a black North Face fleece. He had long hair that curled by his ears like angel wings. He soon became named as the “Hot North Face Boy” among all of the female Jimmy Johns employee’s. It was your average Friday afternoon. Jimmy Johns was located next to the freshman dorms so we were always busy during lunch hours. I was slicing turkey at the back table when this tall, built, handsome football jock wearing a black North Face fleece with angel wing hair came up to the register ready to order a sub. My nerves took over as this was the “Hot North Face Boy” and I was the only one able to ring up his sandwich. That was the first face to face moment I had ever had with him and little did I know it would not be the last. We became great friends during college. We were always at parties together since we had most of the same friends. He was in a relationship and I was in a relationship so we were never more than just party buds.

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how they asked

I was headed to Denver, CO for a girls trip with my very best four girlfriends to visit our girlfriend Kristina Serb who had been living there for almost three years. On Saturday, June 3rd, our second day of the trip, we headed to Union Station for a few cocktails before dinner. Union Station is a renowned 100-year-old timeless historic landmark, turned into a hotel that offers an array of restaurants and exclusive bars. We had reservations at the Cooper Lounge on the 2nd floor with a gorgeous in-house architectural view of the station. I had just ordered a cocktail called Spring Thyme when a gentleman named Brian approached our table. He was a friend of Kristina’s, at Union Station meeting a potential business partner who had a hobby in photography. After our cocktails, Brian suggested that we take a photo outside in front of Union Station and that the view would be spectacular.

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Off we went and began lining up to take a photo when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and it was Patrick. The look on my face was nothing more than confusion and happiness bunched into one. As I began looking around at my friends and their exciting faces, he got down on one knee. “Breathe Amanda, breathe”, I kept telling myself in my head while also asking him “WHAT IS GOING ON!.” I will never forget the words he spoke to me in that moment as he opened up a box with an engagement ring in it. “Amanda Leigh, I knew from the moment I saw you in Chicago that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I couldn’t imagine growing with anyone else.” As my friends began shouting, crying and cheering me on, he fit the ring onto my finger. He asked the question “Will you marry me?.” YES. YES. YES! I mean how could I say no!? My girls trip had now turned in to an engagement trip. Let’s just say, the rest of the trip was absolutely perfect. And after 8 years of friendship and two years of being in a relationship, I now have the rest of my life to spend with him.

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Special Thanks

Brian Racer
 | Photographer
Kate Tamer
 | Planning
Kristina Serb
 | Planning