Amanda and Ozzie

Image 1 of Amanda and OzzieFrom the first moment I met Ozzie in high school, I knew he was my soulmate. As cliche as that sounds, he has always been the one. We have been together since I was 15, and have experienced so many amazing life lessons over 8 years. It was a Sunday, and we decided to take a trip to Disneyland (my favorite place), with my entire family. Since day one, I always told him how much it would mean to me if my family was able to witness the proposal (if the day ever came!) He managed to get my four sisters, mom, dad, and five of my nieces and nephews to join in on our Disneyland trip.

The moment we walked in, we went straight to Sleeping Beauty’s castle to take some pictures. Now when I think back, I remember holding his hand and feeling his sweaty palms against mine, and seeing him repeatedly put on Chapstick (something he does when he’s nervous.) Besides that, I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. As it was our turn to take the picture, the Disney cast-member told us to do different poses for the camera, one that ended with a tight hug with each other. As I held him in a tight embrace, I felt his heart beating so fast against my chest! I had no time to even process why, because seconds later he was getting down on one knee! I had no idea what to think! My heart was jumping, my stomach was twisting, and my knees were shaking! A million of emotions were running through my mind, and all I could think of was how much I was in love with this man.

Image 2 of Amanda and Ozzie

He slipped the ring on my finger, and I burst into tears. I remember I kept hugging him, then looking down at my hand, then hugging him more. I was so in shock that I almost forgot to say YES! I just couldn’t believe it! The best part was that my whole family was there to witness it all as they cheered us on and cried along with me. People walking pass started clapping and cheering for us. At least 20 people came up to congratulate me (even Goofy!) The day couldn’t have been any better. It was perfect for us. I love that after so many years, our spark for each other has never went away. I am so beyond excited to marry the one person who makes me the happiest gal in the world. I’ll soon be Mrs. Torres and I’m overfilled with joy to say that!

Image 3 of Amanda and Ozzie