Amanda and Ofir

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Moscow, Russia

How We Met

I had just finished a religious trip in Israel that focused on the lessons and belief of everyone having a “besheret” (soulmate). Feeling quite emotional from these lessons, I had gone to the Western Wall and prayed to one day soon find my own besheret. I extended my stay in Israel for a month and on the very last week, a man at a beach party approached me with his friend. At this point, I was very much over the open idea of finding my besheret in Israel. The man and his friend were quite annoying and when I told them to go away the friend didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave. Ofir however, stayed standing silently by my side. When I turned around and noticed him still there, he tried talking to me again – this time, in a more softer way. Again though, I told him to leave me alone.

He walked a few steps away and then back again. I caved and began talking to him – after all, my roommate was nowhere to be found and why not engage in some chit chat? Ofir looked so excited to finally have my attention, and that alone mushed my heart. We saw each other every day after that and one week later, he drove me to the airport. I didn’t expect to hear from him again and sure enough, when I landed there was no email or text waiting for me. A few days later it was my birthday and a package arrived from Ofir. It turns out he was thinking about me as much as I was him, and so began our long-distance relationship. One month later I flew back to Israel from Canada to see him. He took me to Greece as a surprise and for a year and half after that we continued our long-distance relationship until I finally moved to his side of the world!!

how they asked

Our friends were getting married in Moscow so we were a small group that flew there for the special occasion. I stayed 3 days with the bride at her parents house before her wedding, and Ofir stayed in the centre of Moscow with the groom. We planned to meet at the hotel the morning of our friends wedding so that we can continue the remaining time of our trip together. Obviously, us ladies were running late. My friend told me she was going to meet her almost-husband for pictures and that we will all meet at the city hall in the afternoon. Ofir kept calling me (I was 4 hours late!) and I was really convinced that he just missed me so much. Finally, I arrived at the hotel and he looked a mixture of excited and nervous.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Moscow, Russia

He had 2 friends in our room who started explaining to me that we needed to go to the Red Square to surprise our friends for their wedding photos. I became very skeptical because my friend had mentioned to me that she wanted the photos to be of just her and her hubby. As you could imagine, I began to make this “idea” very difficult for them to go through with. We got to the Red Square and our friends were nowhere in sight. It started to rain and so I told them I would just call her to see where they were. Ofir and his 2 friends started coming up with excuses and kept walking me through the Red Square. Finally, they stopped and Ofir turned to me, and got down on one knee!!! The rest is history.