Amanda and Neno

Engagement Proposal Ideas in La Jolla Beach

How We Met

Well, it’s funny how we first met. We both worked at the home improvement store Menards. He started after I had been there as a cashier for a couple months and he had transferred as a department manager from another store. When I first saw him I was talking to a friend (slacking off from doing my job) in the back of the paint department. I noticed him walking and asked about him, I was told he was cool but I still didn’t like him. While on break another day, I was taking a selfie and he noticed a table away and asked me if I was taking a “Snapchat selfie” and I replied with a dirty look and said “yea”. Shortly after we became really good friends. But I had quit Menards and worked somewhere closer to home and even though he was dating someone else we still kept in contact. Then one day we hung out and he told me how him and his ex had broken up a month before this day(that we were hanging out). He asked me on our first date and the rest just came together.

how they asked

We planned a vacation to San Diego, CA. The beginning of the week for me was very stressful. The first few days of the week we went I was just having bad days, the type of days where if something can go wrong it usually does. By the Wednesday of that week it started to get a little better. When Thursday came and I was feeling full Vacation mode and was able to relax. We went to the beach, got a nice tan, and ate awesome food. Like best wings I’ve ever had kind of food.. Friday came and we got up n hung out for a bit, during the week we got up super early to enjoy the whole day, went back to the hotel and took a nap and decided to go to La Jolla to take nice pictures. Around 6 when we got there the sun was going to be setting throughout the hour and we found a nice spot to stand and take pictures. However, there were two photographers in the way and when we had asked if they could move for about 5 min, we would’ve gone down further but the water had been coming up to shore by this time and that was the spot with the least shore waves, they barely moved so we just sat and enjoyed the view. We sat in silence for a moment and I noticed him looking over at me and smiling. I asked him “what” and he just said he was enjoying the moment. As the beach started to empty and the waves started coming up more while it started getting darker we decided it was time to get up n start heading back up the stairs to above the small beach. As we gathered our things he put his jacket on and grabbed my had. He gave me a hug and I thought I felt something in his pocket but I figured it was just the strap to my tripod bag because I thought he had put it over his shoulder. He had told me he loved me and other personal things, got on one knee and pulled out the box. Obviously I said yes. It was just us, it was peaceful, and it was perfect.

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