Amanda and Nathan

How we met: Way back in the summer of 2006, at the not-so-ripe age of 19, I met my soul mate. To be honest, I apparently met him a few times before what I consider to be our first meeting. You see, we worked at the Home Depot – I worked as a cashier and he was a lot attendant. This was my first real summer job and a huge adjustment for a shy person like myself. I met a ton of part-time employees like myself over those first two weeks – so many that I had a really hard time remembering names and faces. Unknown to me, Nathan had his sight set on me – often telling his friends about the new girl at work. It wasn’t until two weeks later that we had what I consider to be our first meeting.

I was waiting at the bus stop one morning in July when this familiar man walked up and said – “Hey, you work at Home Depot right?” This question lead to an interesting bus ride where we found out that not only do we both go to school at Trent University, but we are also in the same undergrad program with the same plan for after university. It was amazing we hadn’t met before then. That conversation lead to a friendship, which lead to a summer romance – that turned into more than I could have ever conceived standing at that bus stop.



Fast forward two and a half years and you have Nathan and myself preparing for an adventure of our very own. We were both aspiring teachers and our plan was to go to Australia and get our Graduate Diploma in Education. The only downside – Nathan would leave in February and I wouldn’t be able to leave until June as I was still finishing up my undergrad. It was the hardest four months of our relationship. Phone calls and skype chats were limited due to the time difference, and emails just didn’t seem like enough. We made it thought it though – and was never happier to see him waiting for me at the airport in Brisbane. That year was spent enjoying life, school and our relationship.


how they asked: Just a few days after our 5 year anniversary we went on a mini trip to the Bolt Castle on Heart Island in Alexandria Bay, NY. I had never been in a castle before and was very excited! Throughout the castle Nathan started to reflect on our years together -“Do you remember our first anniversary? our second? that one we spent on the beach?” etc. During our exploration of the castle we checked out a balcony over-looking the grounds. We were the only ones outside – it was stunning. It was there that Nathan asked “Do you know whats funny?” — I’m sure there was an epic follow up to this question, but a gentleman walked out with a group of people onto the balcony and Nathan stopped talking. I thought it was quite odd of him to stop mid sentence but thought nothing of it.


A little while later we went down to the gorgeous Italian Gardens they have at the castle – featuring the giant heart made out of flowers.


Bride's Proposal in Bolt CastleIt was here we decided to sit for a bit and let the crowd, that seemed to be following us everywhere, to get ahead of us.

Once we were finally alone I looked over to see Nathan down on one knee. He gave me the most amazing speech and asked me to marry him. I (of course) said YES!

It was afterwards, when I called my parents to share our news, that I learned Nathan had asked for my Dad’s permission over a year before this and had just peen waiting patiently for the right moment.

My dads response to our news? “About time! I was going to revoke my permission and make him ask again if he took any longer!”


Two years afterwards – on July 12, 2013 – we got married in an outdoor ceremony that was better than we could have ever dreamed of.

Amanda and Nathan (544)


As we approach our one year anniversary we’ve never been happier than we are together – and oh so excited for what the future may hold !

Engagement and wedding photos by Jennifer Moher Photography