Amanda and Nash

How We Met

I (Nash Laney) am a freelance photographer, plus that is what I am going to school for. I met Amanda by her inquiring what I charged for photos. I had started asking questions as to what she wanted them for and what kind of photo packages she was looking at buying. It, from there, became more and more friendly responses back and forth, until I I had asked her to come spend some time with me and go out somewhere to eat. As weeks go by, it became evident that she was very interested in me as I her; so finally I had asked her to come take a few pictures with me just for fun. Being the photographer that I am, I wanted to do something different; I wanted to do something unique that you don’t see everyday on Pinterest board. So we came up with this:

Image 1 of Amanda and Nash

Something simple, but something that her 5′ self can utilize this pose easily for the both of us. We, afterwards, decided that this exact pose will be “our pose” for every where we go. So from here on out any where we go on vacation over the last almost year and a half we used this pose:

Image 2 of Amanda and Nash

Garden of the Gods in Colorado

Image 3 of Amanda and Nash

Sarasota Beach in Florida.

Image 4 of Amanda and Nash

Charlestown State Park in Indiana.

We have had plenty of other shoots here and there and some stuff for fun or for school projects like this :

Image 5 of Amanda and Nash

So soon enough, I just knew it was time to make her the happiest woman in my life.

how they asked

It all started two months ago where I had talked to two of my buddies Dave Woodland and Jeff Ivory, to kind of plan something out and get it in the making. I wanted to definitely make sure everything was caught on photographs, but they also do video work as well and I just knew I had to take advantage of the situation! They do wedding videos and they are just absolutely beautiful. So, I had convinced Amanda that they wanted to Branch out from wedding and engagement videos and test out doing couple videos to widen their marketing strategies; along with this, I had told her that I wanted to do a photoshoot with just me an her where I didn’t have to take pictures the entire time with a little remote for my camera. November 21, 2015 came finally after almost two months of planning everything and calling off work and getting all of my blessings from her parents, we get to Mt. St. Francis. We shoot for about 30-45 minutes before we get to the location I had told Jeff and Dave about where I wanted to propose. We stood there for about 5 minutes “getting the light right” for his camera and coming up with an idea (even though we had already conspired exactly how this as going to happen). The idea would be for her to get in the front and make a cute pose with me behind her out of focus looking at her, but as she stepped forward and got situated, I had got the ring and got down on one knee. From there, it all unraveled and now we are into our planning early phases and looking around here and there to get one step ahead of everything!

Image 6 of Amanda and Nash Image 7 of Amanda and Nash

Our Video

Special Thanks

Dave Woodland
 | Photographer
Jeff Ivory
 | videographer