Amanda and Mitchell

How We Met

We are both huge Disney fans so when we were able to apply for the Disney College Program we both applied as soon as we could! A Facebook group started for the semester we were applying for, so people could meet and discuss interview questions and such. Before the applications were available we had both joined the Facebook group because we were so excited for a chance to work for our dream company. Just a day after joining the group I got a message from Mitchell saying he liked my cover photo on my page (Walt Disney world related of course) and we clicked from there! He was in Tennessee and I was in New Jersey so we video chatted all the time and were constantly texting or talking on the phone. Unfortunately, he got accepted to the Disney college program and I didn’t, but that didn’t stop us. He made the trip to New Jersey 5 times to see me before the program started and after it ended I moved to Tennessee. Now we both live in Florida and work for Walt Disney World and the rest is history!

Amanda and Mitchell's Engagement in Walt Disney World

How They Asked

Mitchell was working nights at the time and asked me to go to magic kingdom before one of his shifts. I thought it was a little odd because he usually likes to rest before his late shifts, but we haven’t been to the parks in a while so it didn’t seem too strange. The Walt Disney World railroad is one of our favorite parts of the magic kingdom and it has closed temporarily, so instead of riding the railroad, there is a photo op with one of the trains. Mitchell told me he wanted to dress up a little nice for the picture because he loves the trains and it would be great to have a picture in more dressy clothes than what we typically wear to the parks. So after my shift on Thursday, we went to the magic kingdom and after a little Christmas shopping on Main Street, we headed up the stairs to the train station. Just as I was about to walk into the waiting area he asked me to come to look over the railing with him. We love taking in the sights and sounds of Disney world, so we stood there looking out on Main Street and talking about the company.

‘After a few minutes, I got impatient because I wanted to go in a few rides before we left, we started to take a few selfies and a Disney photographer walked up the steps and said he could take a few for us. After some normal pictures he turned me to look right at him, said “Amanda you know I love you a lot…” to which my reply was “oh my gosh, you’re not doing this right now?!” He said “yes I am” got down on one knee and said “Amanda Frances Kenny, will you marry me?” Through happy tears, I somehow muttered out “YES!” Everyone cheered and his sister was secretly filming the whole thing! Mitchell told me to call my dad, so I did and asked where he was because I knew Mitchell wouldn’t propose without my parents there. My dad answered and said he was home but after asking again he said “turn around” and there was my parents, sister, and brother in law standing on Main Street and waving at us! After we all hugged we got some amazing pictures with our favorite train! It was a dream come true.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

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