Amanda and Mitch

Image 1 of Amanda and Mitch

How We Met

We met at work in 2013 at the corporate offices of T-Mobile in Independence, Ohio. At the time, Mitch was with someone else. But we were always buddies but never had each other’s information. We were strictly work-friends. I was laid off in 2014, after that, we never had any contact with each other. No phone numbers, emails, Facebook, Instagram, nothing at all. Fast forward 4 years to the fall of 2018. I was meeting a friend who still works with Mitch, I went up to the office and got to see a lot of people I worked with! It was awesome to see “Schmitch” again. Fast forward another 2 months and I get a friend request on Facebook from Mitch. I was very perplexed because I was not sure why a man who was not single would reach out to me. He messaged me and explained that he had gone through an amicable divorce and eventually asked if I would like to catch up over coffee or dinner. I said “absolutely” and we had our first date the next day.

We have been together ever since.

How They Asked

Well, Mitch has been asking to geocache for the past few weeks. The weather or other things stopped us from being able to go. Finally, The most beautiful weather on a free Saturday arrived. We decided to go out to the Garrettsville area where there was a line of geocaches called “Headwaters”, that was on a bike and hike trail. Well, since I am an extreme planner, I checked out the area around this line of geocaches for other interesting ones. We found a few in a couple of cemeteries around the area. Unbeknownst to me, those were not ideal locations for Mitch’s secret plan. So, we do the cemetery caches and decide to start the bike/hike trail. The first two, I ended up finding. The Tupperware the geocache hiders used seemed pretty new. One of them actually had an etched stone with the letter ‘M’ on it! I gave it to Mitch and was super excited. While we were walking, if there was another couple I would move behind him, he only let me do that once (he had to hid the package in his pocket. We also commented on our sweaty hands, haha.

We finally get close to the geocache, when he asked if he could look for it first. He goes back there and starts looking around. An older couple with a dog was walking on the trail near us and I was thinking they probably thought Mitch was peeing in the woods. Well, he comes out with the geocache that he “found”. He gave it to me and I commented about how new it looked! I was so extremely excited that we would be the FTF (First to Find). That had never happened to me. I opened it up and took out the logbook, then I saw that no one had signed it yet! Mitch asked me to open the red sachet. I opened it and there was a compass with ‘A & M’ on it! I was like whoa! Another initial gift, maybe it’s for the FTF person! I then thought, “no… that can’t be right.” I then open it and see that it is inscribed on the inside “Our greatest adventure lies ahead”. I look up from it and Mitch is holding an opal and diamond ring! I immediately started saying, “What are you doing?!?!?!”, over and over. He then asked me to marry him and I said, “YES!”

Image 2 of Amanda and Mitch