Amanda and Mike

Image 1 of Amanda and MikeHow We Met: Mike and I met, strangely enough, through Jazzercise. I have been an instructor there for several years, and became friends with a fellow instructor named Kate, who taught the class right before mine on Tuesday nights.

One fateful Tuesday night, Kate asked if I was interested in meeting her brother, who, she said, is “nerdy” like me. (I promise she meant that in a nice way!) I had sworn off men for almost half a year, and I usually dread being set up. But, I got along so well with Kate I figured “why not?”

One week later, we wound up at Burton’s in Westford. I felt that “click” almost instantly. Our conversation was flowing nicely, and I quickly learned we had a lot in common. It was probably our second date, on Valentine’s Day, when I knew something was definitely special about him…I mean, he took me to see the Lego Movie. He was definitely a keeper!

I couldn’t be happier with him. He’s become my best friend. He can make me laugh even when I’m upset, and his main goal everyday is to make sure I’m happy. Our love is easy, fun, and uniquely ours. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime or fiancé!

how they asked: This is one of my favorite stories to tell. I’ll start off with a little background information: During the Fall of 2014, Mike and I took an amazing trip to both Disney and Universal Studios. It was Mike’s first time at Universal and my second. I am the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan, although if you know me I probably don’t need to mention that. During that trip we spent a good amount of time exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and we were able to preserve that memory with a wonderful photo on a quiet bridge with Hogwarts in the background.

Flash forward a few months later. It had been a long, rough winter. Mike and I decided we needed something to boost our spirits, and decided to book a weekend trip just to Universal Studios for a long weekend at the beginning of May. Not only would it be something to look forward to, but both of our birthdays are in May so it seemed like an appropriate way to ring in our birthday month.

May soon approached and we were on our way to the airport. I received several strange texts from my little sister Alicia (“You’re my best friend and it makes me cry!”), which I showed Mike who just laughed it off. Once we were on the plane, Mike casually mentioned we should take another “bridge picture” in front of Hogwarts while we are there. I agreed, thinking only about how thoughtful Mike always is. We landed in Orlando ready for an adventure.

Mike chose not to check a bag–another thing I didn’t overthink. At the end of our last trip the airline had lost his bag so I didn’t blame him for being concerned. We settled into the Hard Rock Hotel and went right to bed, ready to wake up bright and early to head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

May 1st, 6:30 am: I’m up, ready to go. Mike is getting ready. He pulls a small backpack out and begins rambling about how useful the bag will be in the park. My thoughts: “Cool dude, let’s get a move on and beat the crowd!”

May 1st, 7:00am: We arrive at the park. We make our way to Hogwarts immediately. We walk through the mighty halls of Hogwarts and ride the Forbidden Journey. Yay! I need a coffee at this point.

May 1st, 7:40amish: We retrieve our items from the lockers and are about to head to the Hogwarts Express. Mike turns to me and says “We should take our bridge picture!” Low crowds, nice lighting, great thinking!

May 1st, 7:45ish: We go to the bridge, where a security gaurd is standing there to prevent people from crossing over to parts of the park that hasn’t opened yet. She was very nice and apologetic and we explained that we just wanted to take a picture. We were hoping to have a professional photographer there, but no one was around yet. I was ready to just wait until later when Mike suggested that we use my phone for now. Sure, why not!

May 1st, 7:50am: We get in position, when Mike says “Hold on, I have something for this.” He takes off his bag and opens it. I think “Great. He brought some sort of weird prop for this. A hat. A wand. A sign. A Snape wig.”

May 1st, 7:51am: Yes, really. I love the time stamp feature on the iPhone. Mike gets down on one knee. I ask “What are you doing?”

Image 2 of Amanda and Mike

He pulls out the ring box. He opens said ring box. The morning sun reflects off the ring and nearly blinds me. I stand there, shocked, shaking…it’s really hard to describe the feeling when it happens, but it’s pretty awesome. He asks, with the biggest smile I have ever seen, “Will you marry me?” I say “YES!” “REALLY?!” “IS THIS REAL?!”

Image 3 of Amanda and Mike

He puts the ring on my finger. It’s real. Holy crap, I’m the Future Mrs. Thompson! Also, huge shout out to the lady who worked the bridge that day because she got a picture of every single wonderful moment. For someone who didn’t know that was about to happen, she did a great job.

May 1st, 8:00am: I’m crying. I’m calling my Mom. I’m texting my best friends. I’m shaking. The butter beer cart guy is (almost) more excited than I am and the free butter beer starts flowing.

May 1st, 8:10am: We board the Hogwarts Express and begin our magical journey, not just to Diagon Alley, but to the rest of our lives! I’m the corniest and I don’t care. Mike nailed the proposal!

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