Amanda and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and I met in 2010 through mutual friends. He was dating someone at the time but we became fast friends, bonding over our love of the Ravens and Orioles. We grew closer and closer over the years becoming best friends and always texting! In 2015, we started to realize there was something more between us than just friendship. On January 31, 2016 he asked me to be his girlfriend- and I missed the end of the MD Terps basketball game because of it!

how they asked

On August 19. 2017 we went up to Havre de Grace to see the Concord Point Lighthouse . I love lighthouses and had been bugging him to go check this one out. We went to lunch and walked around the town before heading to climb the lighthouse. It’s a small lighthouse- only 2 people allowed up at once so we climbed up just the two of us and checked out the views. After a few minutes I suggested we head back down because there was a line of people waiting. He stopped me and said he had something to ask me. I immediately started crying! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him- of course the answer was yes! It was the perfect proposal, and one that I had always wanted- I never told him or anyone else that the top of a lighthouse was my ideal proposal. He just knows me so well :)

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