Amanda and Mike

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How We Met

Our story is a humble one. The Air Force brought my family to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I was excited to start a life in this gorgeous state but little did I know that the memories made here would be ones I would take with me and cherish for the rest of my life. Mike is a Cadet at the Air Force Academy and we met each other through mutual friends at a school hockey game. We instantly hit it off and we became the best of friends after that. We were inseparable. After almost a year of building a strong foundation through friendship he asked me to be his girlfriend on Easter of 2016.

how they asked


Mike proposed in the sweetest way possible. Friday was Ring Dance at the Air Force Academy where juniors get their class ring before entering senior year. The night was spend celebrating him and all of his accomplishments. Little did I know he was planning on giving me a ring that very same weekend. We and a couple friends drove up to a cabin for the weekend and everyone was having the time of their lives. We go outside Saturday evening for a group photo in the backyard because the view was gorgeous. We then do individual couple photos. Mike and I go first and after a romantic dip photo he pulls me close and asks me to marry him. I couldn’t be more surprised or more blessed. He is truly my best friend and I will love him forever!

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