Amanda and Michelangelo

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our Home

How We Met

Michelangelo and I met five years ago, while he was visiting Canada for the first time and I was his tour guide for the Parliament of Canada. We still believe that destiny took control of both our lives that day because he felt sick that morning and was going to skip the family trip to the Parliament Building and I was technically done my work shift but decided to stay later to help because I was told there was an Italian tour group that arrived. We actually spoke for probably 5 minutes that day, enough time to exchange e-mails and say “Well if you’re ever in Canada again let me know” and “If you ever come to Italy be sure to email me” (he still keeps the post it with my email address on it in his wallet).

A few weeks passed and I received a long adorable email in broken English from Michelangelo saying that he arrived back in Italy but that he couldn’t stop thinking about my “solar smile” and how nice I was that day. I hesitated in answering because we only spoke for five minutes, but my mom convinced me to answer his very long email because he probably spent hours trying to write to me in English! Luckily I did because we kept in contact and then I moved to France for a year abroad in my studies. Destiny came into play again and it so happened that I was placed at a university only 3 hours away from Milan! So we decided to take a leap of faith and meet up, after having spoken via email for months, in person. Michelangelo drove all the way to Grenoble, France to pick me up and although everyone told me not to get in the car with someone who was basically a stranger to me, I decided to go for it! From there followed a year together between France and Italy, then a year long distance Italy-Canada, followed by another 6 months long distance between Italy-Texas and then I finally moved to Milan.

We haven’t looked back since!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our Home

how they asked

We had talked about getting married for a few months already because our friends and family had been asking, and given the fact that we live in Italy but my family is in Canada we would need lots of time to organize a wedding. We both knew we were ready to get married, and Michelangelo had told me many times how much he wanted to get married, but I always told him that all I’ve ever wanted is to be truly surprised with the proposal. Each weekend when we organized something together, going downtown or to the theatre or even out to dinner I would get all nervous because I would think to myself “OK, this is THE moment”…but nothing.

I was truly surprised one random Thursday night in October. I called Michelangelo, like most nights, to say I was on my way home from work and to see if he was still in the office. He told me he was stuck in Milan traffic but would be home in an hour or so. I didn’t expect anything when I got home because the gate was locked, lights off and I was only thinking of what I could cook quickly for dinner. I opened the door and the lights turned on, music started and I didn’t know where to look! Michelangelo was standing there, dressed up, with the table prepared for dinner with champagne and oysters. Then I saw the box… I couldn’t believe it was THE moment! It all happened so quickly that I didn’t know where to start letting it all soak in. I was truly surprised.

The best part of it all was that Michelangelo filmed everything (he set up his phone on top of roll of paper towels) because he knew how much it meant to me that I could share this moment with my friends and family who all live in Canada. That to me is what love really is, knowing the other person so well and making sure you do everything possible to make them happy.

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