Amanda and Michael's Fall Proposal

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How we met: Michael and I met when we were just 9 years old. We met in our fourth grade class, and it wasn’t until his 10th birthday that I realized I had developed my first ever “crush”. The following year, at 10 years of age, we somehow discovered that we both liked each other, and he soon became my first ever “boyfriend” (oh puppy love!). He was the boy who asked me to my first school dance. That Christmas, he also sent me my first ever candy cane gram. On Valentine’s Day, he was my first ever Valentine, and even made me a homemade construction paper card . When I got my first pair of glasses and was scared of being teased, he comforted me and reassured me that I still looked beautiful. We would meet every recess on this brick wall between the basketball courts, and would just stand there together, side by side. We drifted apart for a while as we grew up, and in the seventh grade he used to tease me with his friends (which he now explains was his way of hiding that he secretly liked me). We both went to the same high school but had different groups of friends and were both worlds apart. It wasn’t until the eleventh grade that we crossed paths once again. I remember telling my friends that I had a small crush on him and thought he was really cute. To be honest, part of me always had a special place for him. There was always something about him that I just felt so connected to. In our last year of high school, we started talking again and begun dating just after we graduated. We both ended up going to the same university, and we have been inseparable since. We both felt this special connection within us that we could never really explain. I knew he was the one I’d spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked: I had been dreaming of this moment for what felt like forever. We had always talked about getting married, and after having a daughter together in 2013, I had never felt so sure and ready to be his wife. I had a feeling it would be happening sometime this year, but when exactly? I had no clue. I woke up that day by my sister calling me frantically on the phone. She has her own business, and was scheduled to pick up something that morning and deliver a few things later that night. She was panicking and didn’t know what to do, as her husband had accidentally taken her keys with him to work that morning and left her stranded at home an hour away. She asked me if I’d be willing to pick up an order of caramel sauce for her at a nearby farmer’s market, and I of course agreed. We had a long night with the baby, so Michael decided to come along and drive since I was very tired. When we got to the shop, I was told that the order would be ready within 15 minutes. They felt so bad that they were behind schedule, and told us we could walk around the farm until it was ready. So Michael took my hand and we went for a walk on the beautiful fall morning (Fall is my absolute favourite season). We were the only two people around. We came upon a sign for a nature trail, and Michael thought it’d be nice for us to take a walk on that path. We were walking through the trees, looking at all the beautiful fall colours, when we turned a corner and I saw a sitting area set up. There were a few haystacks set up with beautiful flowers. Resting on there were a beautiful bouquet of red roses. That is when I knew.

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He looked at me, and I looked right back at him and could not help but cry. That is when he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. He hired a secret photographer for the occasion, which I was so grateful for, as we will have precious memories of that moment forever. He then surprised me by taking me away for the weekend to the place where our relationship truly began. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my childhood sweetheart, my best friend, and the love of my life!

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